Hariri and Saudi Arabia Seek to Break Monopoly of Christian Representation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former President Michel Suleiman's visit to Saudi Arabia was orchestrated by al-Mustaqbal movement leader Saad Hariri and came as a reaction to the new alliance that emerged between Lebanese Forces head Samir Geaega and former Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun, media reports said.

The visit aims to pave way for Christian figures, other than Geagea, to visit Saudi officials in a message to the latter that Riyadh has its doors open for any Christian figure of the March 14 alliance, added the reports.

Furthermore, Hariri is also readying a visit to Saudi Arabia for Kataeb party chief MP Sami Gemayel to hold meetings with prominent Saudi officials, they added.

Independent March 14 Christian figures are also set to visit the Kingdom in a bid to break what reports described as “monopolizing the representation of Christians” by Geagea and Aoun.

In parallel, former President Michel Suleiman had returned from Saudi Arabia where he met with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and other prominent figures.

He also held a meeting with Hariri where discussions focused on “the threats posed by the presidential vacuum and the need to end this abnormal and dangerous situation through electing a president as soon as possible,” a statement by Hariri's press office said.

Hariri had recently launched an initiative involving the nomination of Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh for the presidency in a bid to end the vacuum that has been running since May 2014.

But the initiative ran aground after it drew reservations and objections from the country's main Christian parties – the Free Patriotic Movement, Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb Party.

Hizbullah has also voiced reservations over the move and reiterated its commitment to the nomination of Change and Reform bloc chief Aoun, its main Christian ally.



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Default-user-icon Trolling m8 (Guest) 11 January 2016, 10:31

I could swear you guys did not believe "media reports"........

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 11 January 2016, 12:09

Everyone intervene. The difference is that KSA does not fund a militia that is taking the nation as hostage. Iran does.

Thumb Mystic 11 January 2016, 14:16

Arabdemocrat, the Saudis does indeed fund and arm militias, ISIS and Nusra are some of them.

Thumb ex-fpm 11 January 2016, 14:23

The troll keeps repeating the same propaganda over and over again. Did Al Qaeda or ISIS ever attack Iran?

Yet, Qaida Threatens Saudi over Jihadists' Executions


Default-user-icon kazan (Guest) 11 January 2016, 13:50

Same comment applies here.
Throughout the world and based on reliable history, stability can be realised when the population feels and acts as one nation, foreign countries have no fertile ground to interfere in domestic matters.In order to become one nation equal right is a must and religion is aprivate matter and has no place in politics, it is a disaster to preach "defend the rights of Christians,Muslims or Druze etc.." this creates division among the people, because no sect or ethnic group should have more priviliges than others,otherwise the country becomes a play ground for opportunists .All Religions and all religious leaders are needed for the people , but not in politics. In the past in Europe feudal leaders involved religious heads in politics for their proper interests , this has resulted in continuous wars .

Missing cedars 11 January 2016, 13:58

At least there is a country who we should thank for making our idiots take the presidency serious. The same country continue to send billions to the army and does not send it to a sector or militia.

Thumb lebanon_first 11 January 2016, 15:02

Who are you MR. Hariri to decide who represents the christians... WIth all due respect, christians do not go deciding who represent sunnites, so please do the same.

Thumb the_roar 11 January 2016, 16:37

When I posed that very same question many years ago...you were the first to defend him & his rights to do so, Lebanon_first!

lol I wonder why the black flips

Thumb lebanon_first 11 January 2016, 17:54

roar, the problem with you is that you see one side of things. You see the world as a dichotomy of good (axis of iran) and evil (axis of Saudi).

The day where you will see shades of grey and drop the "hero/villain" paradigm, you will accept my interventions better.

Thumb the_roar 11 January 2016, 18:05

LF, you failed to answer a very simple question.

your back flip & inability to answer why you back flipped is the reason you resorted to personal reply instead.

have a nice day LF..Just remember it was you who used to attack me whenever I posed the very question you posed above.

Thumb arzz 11 January 2016, 17:00

Well said lebanon_first

Default-user-icon Lagom (Guest) 11 January 2016, 23:29

He might as well stay in Saudi to break monopoly of Sunni representation in Lebanon.

Missing lagom 12 January 2016, 01:19

Hariri might as well stay in Saudi to break the monopoly of Sunni representation in Lebanon.

Missing helicopter 12 January 2016, 06:42

Sunnis are represented by Harriri, Shi3a are represented by Berri and NAsrallah. Christians are represented by LF, FPM, Kataeb, Franjieh, and independents.
Which sect has monopoly of representation?