Police Seize Smuggled Luxurious Goods, Arrest 8 Suspects

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Police have arrested several people and seized their trucks for smuggling luxurious goods and brand names in the Beddawi area of the northern city of Tripoli, the Internal Security Forces said on Saturday.

Eight Lebanese nationals, most of them hailing from the Jaafar clan, were apprehended and six of their large trucks were seized, police and the state-run National News Agency said.

The trucks, which were carrying fake license plates, contained 363 boxes of cigarettes, 280 brand watches, 187 high-quality cigars, cosmetics, lighters, faux bijoux, handbags, shampoo and other goods, they said.

The suspects were referred to the judiciary to take the appropriate action against them.

Neither police nor the agency specified where the trucks were heading.

The ISF communique said the arrests took place on Friday.

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Thumb marcus 30 January 2016, 16:58

Go to Dahieh and you will get all of the above duty free and at reduced prices.

Thumb nonabel. 31 January 2016, 03:19

We have za3ran everywhere in Lebanon and they all hail from different religion sects.

Thumb justice 31 January 2016, 06:56

yes but you shias are the worst kind.

Default-user-icon Noah Zayter (Guest) 30 January 2016, 20:06

We're targetting the competition.
Mr Mekdad, this is a warning for you!