Reports: Hizbullah Commander Killed in Aleppo Shiite Town

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A Hizbullah field commander has been killed in clashes in a flashpoint Shiite town in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, media reports said on Friday.

“The commander Haidar Fariz Merhi and the fighter Hussein Hassan Jawad, who both hail from the western Bekaa town of Mashghara, were killed fighting in the Nubol and Zahraa area north of Aleppo,” Al-Arabiya television reported.

The pro-Hizbullah South Lebanon news portal confirmed Merhi's death, also describing him as a Hizbullah commander.

According to Al-Arabiya, a third Hizbullah fighter was killed in Syria in recent days.

It identified him as Ali Moussa Nassour, saying he hailed from the southern Beirut suburb of Bourj al-Barajneh.

Hizbullah, the Syrian army and allied militiamen on Wednesday broke a long running rebel siege of on the Shiite villages of Nubol and Zahraa.

The two villages, located in the middle of opposition territory, had been blockaded by rebel groups for around three years. The development marked a major victory for the regime forces and their allies, which have made significant advances in the province in the past few days – backed by massive Russian airstrikes.

Regime troops, Hizbullah fighters and allied militiamen arrived in the two towns on Thursday morning to cheering crowds who threw rice and ululated, according to footage shown on state television.

Hundreds of Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Syria since the party's decision to intervene militarily in the conflict.


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Thumb skeletor 05 February 2016, 20:24

I had a meeting a few hours ago with Commander Haidar Fariz Merhi and he got debriefed before enjoying the Sauna I prepared for him.

Thumb justin 05 February 2016, 20:26

he died where? In Aleppo... ok, good riddance.

Thumb barrymore 05 February 2016, 20:44

Rot in your iranian hell forever

Thumb EagleDawn 05 February 2016, 20:54

Ouh La Laaa -;) I hope this sectarian iranian terrorist did not suffer too much -:)))

Thumb Mystic 05 February 2016, 22:02

If you cared about Islam, then you should embrace his family.
Instead you spit and curse his own flesh and blood.

Democracy is what you have in Raqqa.

Thumb marcus 06 February 2016, 12:17

masks.have.fallen aka flamethrower and his 500 daily aliases: don't you ever get bored? do you have any morals or ethics? I know you can vote and vote so well. Very pitiful individual.

Thumb kanaanljdid 06 February 2016, 12:20

Mystic, soon you will have no place on your avatar with all the faces you'll have to add

Thumb justin 06 February 2016, 16:08

who is voting you up mystic? are you not ashamed?

Thumb ice-man 07 February 2016, 18:18

How sad.... Mr. Haidar was a family man who did many good deeds in his short life. He was riddled with over a hundred bullets simply because he was defending the shias and their shrines in Aleppo. I could never understand such acts of violence. You will be missed Mr. Haidar;(