Beirut Police Arrest Robbery Suspects


The Internal Security Forces said on Wednesday it has arrested three Lebanese men on suspicion of robbery and impersonating police officers.

An ISF communique said a patrol arrested R.S., 44, and 30-year-old Aa. K. in the Beirut neighborhood of Jnah on Sunday for robbing a Syrian after impersonating police officers.

Both of them are also suspected of involvement in murder, robbery and drug smuggling, said police.

The communique asked people who fell victim to their acts to file a complaint at the Ramlet al-Baida police station.

In another communique, police announced the arrest of R.Aa, a 24-year-old Lebanese in the Beirut district of Mar Elias after he stole a mobile phone from a minor along with an accomplice.

The arrested man is a drug addict, said the ISF.

It added that police are looking for his accomplice.



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Thumb joebustani 10 February 2016, 12:39

ISF Security sources revealed to VDL the 3 shia men arrested confessed to belonging to Hezbollah, a known global terrorist organization. The 3 shias revealed startling information after they tested positive for drugs and H1N1 they were personally ordered by the terror group's leader to carry out attacks on Syrians in order to send a message that Syrians are not welcome in Lebanon.

Hezbollah is an internationally renowned terror group with links to money laundering, drug and human trafficking, and various terror activities scanning the world's corners.

Source : Agence France Press