Communist Party Hails 'Remarkable Results' in South Elections

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese Communist Party declared Monday that it managed to achieve “remarkable results” in the municipal and mayoral elections that took place Sunday in the South and Nabatieh, after its candidates were able to win against the powerful Hizbullah-AMAL Movement alliance in several towns.

“The preliminary results of the polls that were held in the South and Nabatieh governorates have showed that the party has managed to achieve remarkable results,” the LCP said in a statement.

“The party's lists won in several villages and towns and managed to clinch several seats on the municipal councils of other towns while achieving noteworthy results in other towns,” it added.

“Elections in the South and the rest of the regions have indicated that there is a groundwork for confronting the forces that are keen on this sectarian political system which generates crises and encourages corruption,” the party said.

“The electoral achievements of the LCP and the rest of the leftist, national and democratic forces as well as the civil society and the independents hold us all responsible for unifying the efforts, continuing the confrontation and taking to the streets to demand the legitimate rights of the people,” it added.

The party also called for “improving the services of water, electricity, health, retirement and housing,” while urging “better wages and environment” and demanding “a non-sectarian parliamentary electoral law based on proportional representation and a single electorate.”

According to its statement, the LCP-backed lists won fully in the towns of Ain Baal, al-Hibbariyeh, Rashaya al-Fikhar, Kfarshouba and Ibl al-Saqi.

The party also managed to achieve partial wins in the towns of Srifa, Ansar, Deir al-Zahrani, Kfar Rumman, al-Zrariyeh, Adloun, Deir Siryan, Safad al-Batikh, Kfar Hamam, al-Taybeh, Tifahta, Ansariyeh, Tayr Dibba, Deir Mimas, Aitaroun, Roum, Tayr Harfa, Blida, Blat, Azza, al-Abbasiyeh, Ain Qinya and Bourj al-Molouk.

The municipal polls first kicked off in the capital Beirut and the Bekaa Valley on May 8. They were followed by elections in Mount Lebanon on May 15.

The last round will be held on May 29 in the North.


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