Hizbullah Refrains from Naming Hariri for Premiership, Berri Says 'Time to Pay Back the Debt'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah's Loyalty to the Resistance bloc did not name ex-PM Saad Hariri for the premiership, while head of the Development and Liberation bloc Speaker Nabih Berri said it is time to “pay back the debt” to Hariri as his bloc named him prime minister during the binding parliamentary consultations on Thursday with newly elected President General Michel Aoun.

Speaking on behalf of the bloc, MP Mohammed Raad said: “We did not name anyone for the post of prime minister.”

Independent MPs including Nicolas Fattoush, Robert Ghanem, Dory Chamoun, Ahmed Fatfat, Mohammed al-Safadi, Serge Tor Sarkisian, Emile Rahme said after their separate meetings with Aoun that they named al-Mustaqbal Movement chief Saad Hariri for the post.

Head of the Liberals Party, Chamoun said: “It is normal that I name my friend Hariri for the post. It is my duty to put myself at the disposal of the President.”

Mustaqbal MP Ahmed Fatfat who had asked to make the consultation alone away from his Mustabqal bloc, said: “I have named Hariri for the premiership, and I wish success for this era. The oath of office was excellent.”

Asked about the reason that made him want to make the consultation alone, he said: “I did not want to embarrass the bloc with my previous stances.”

The Development and Liberation bloc of Speaker Nabih Berri, Armenian MPs bloc and al-Jamaa al-Islamiya bloc all have named Hariri.

“It is time that we return the debt. We name Hariri for the post of premiership,” said Berri speaking on behalf of the bloc.

To a question by reporters whether the bloc plans to cooperate in the future, Berri said: “If there wer no intentions to cooperate we would not have named Hariri.”

The binding parliamentary consultations for the designation of a new premier kicked off on Wednesday at the presidential palace in Baabda.

By the end of Wednesday's consultations, Hariri had received 86 votes out of 126 possible ones.

On Monday, Aoun was elected president of the republic. His election ended a presidential void that lasted around two and a half years. His chances were largely boosted by a key endorsement from Hariri in mid-October.

Analysts have warned that Aoun's election will not be a "magic wand" for Lebanon, which has seen longstanding political divisions exacerbated by the war in neighboring Syria and has struggled to deal with an influx of more than a million Syrian refugees.

In addition to pledges of economic growth and security, Aoun said in his oath of office that Lebanon must work to ensure Syrian refugees "can return quickly" to their country.

Aoun also pledged to endorse an "independent foreign policy" and to protect Lebanon from "the fires burning across the region."

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Default-user-icon mowatendareet (Guest) 03 November 2016, 11:41

Hezbollah said all along they will not nominate Hariri but will also not oppose him. We the Shias of Imamu Ali care about the Sunnis and hope this move will not be interpreted by some as a clear proof of marginalizing the Sunnis of Lebanon by not naming the strongest Sunni leader and representative. When we accused the Sunnis of marginalizing the Christians when at one point in time they refused to vote for our candidate Michel Aoun we were right because what applies to us does not apply to the Sunnis. We have weapons and they don't.

BTW, I am an atheist shia and a mouthpiece for hezbollah.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 03 November 2016, 11:44

As a Shia and a Christian, I am so thankful for hezbollah for protecting us from Hariri and the Kingdom of saudi wahabism who are trying to force their culture on us by preventing our women from wearing mini skirts and bikinis on the beach.

Default-user-icon Joesph-Irani (Guest) 03 November 2016, 11:51

Hello I like to introduce my self. I used to post as @joesphani, a Shia follower of Wilayat Al Faqih pretending to be a Christian posting now under @libanobrasil. I hope you enjoyed my brief stint on the forum coz I just got banned.

Thumb ex-fpm 03 November 2016, 11:58

Hizbullah Refrains from Naming Hariri for Premiership

but hezbollah expects and demands to be represented in the Hariri led government. What hezbollah is basically saying " We do not want you as Prime Minister and you dare form a government without us"

Default-user-icon double standard (Guest) 03 November 2016, 14:23

Not ok for hariri not to nominate aoun the guy with the biggest christian block but it's ok not to nominate hariri the guy with the biggest sunni block?

Thumb wassupmanigga 04 November 2016, 06:51

anyone expecting anything positive from a terrorist organization in pro of the country is still dreaming of santa claus. they exist for their own personal agenda, which is create havoc in order to use it as an excuse to exist. people should try to understand they are not protecting anyone or anything except themselves and those who finance them.

Thumb wassupmanigga 04 November 2016, 06:52

it is a terrorist organization, one of the first ones of the past century and they operate not online as a militia but also as a criminal drug and money laundering entity. this is the new government that we should all support and hope will do something for lebanon before interests of nations using lebanon through their politicians for regional gain. lebanon is for the lebanese, forget religion, creed, and affiliation for once, and work together for the greater good of this country that we love and need to see prosper once and for all. we are all tired and disgusted by years of wars, misuse of funds, and foreign agendas that have used us and our land as a playground for their own evil conspiracies. syria, iran, israel are the ones that have us fleeing our country because we cant prosper in it, and we are the ones who have to make sure that stops happening so we can all come back to live in our land.

Thumb wassupmanigga 04 November 2016, 07:00

cant people see that all these parties are playing us all? they agree and disagree and align with one another and flip sides just by promises of power and money, never because they will make lebanon prosper. i have been working away for 10 years and havent 1 once been able to find a job in my own country. time to wake up people and make lebanon ours, not just for the politicians who are corrupt and fill their pockets with millions while we struggle to make ends meet. lets fix this while we still can.

Thumb wassupmanigga 04 November 2016, 07:02

exactly the whole point of their existence and people still want to make it look like they are legit. they only exist bec of the use of force. nothing else. and they are corrupt and financed through drugs and money laundry. why is their leader in hiding?