Houri Says Hybrid Law Adequate at Current 'Transitional' Stage

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal Movement MP Ammar Houri stressed on Monday that endorsing a new election law is essential because it draws the political road map for Lebanon's future.

In an interview to VDL (93.3), Houri said: “The election law is political par excellence. It precedes the majority of other laws because it draws the future road map of Lebanon.”

Pointing out that it is difficult to reach a consensual law that meets approval of all political parties, he said: “We will not reach a law that garners consensus, but we will definitely come up with a format supported by the majority of the political components.”

“The hybrid election law is the most adequate in light of the transitional stage,” he concluded.

Political parties are bickering over amending the current 1960 majoritarian election law which divides seats among the different religious sects.

Four-party meetings were held earlier this week between representatives of Hizbullah, AMAL Movement, al-Mustaqbal Movement and the FPM.

The parties had reported major progress after their last meeting on Friday.

Reports have said that odds are in favor of a hybrid election law under which 64 MPs would be elected under the proportional representation system, and 64 MPs under the winner-takes-all system.

However, some other parties have expressed rejection of the unsettled outcome of discussions.

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