Aoun Assures Hariri on Hizbullah's 'Neutrality' Intention

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun has reportedly assured Prime Minister Saad Hariri that Hizbullah party has expressed readiness to dissociate itself from the regional wars, the Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Tuesday.

Sources close to Hariri told the daily that “Aoun has assured Hariri at the end of his bilateral consultations on Monday with the country's political parties that Hizbullah intends to offer assurances that gives a sense of ease in the country.”

They added that Aoun has told Hariri of “Hizbullah's clear commitment to neutralize and dissociate itself form the regional crises, particularly on the role of Hizbullah's weapons abroad,” however Hariri has requested “concrete” measures in that regard.

Aoun on Monday kicked off bilateral consultations with the political parties at the Baabda Palace, a few days after Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced that he was suspending his resignation pending negotiations.

The consultations have reportedly tackled the security situation, the dissociation policy, ties with Arab states, the Taef Accord and the government's situation, and the stance on the Israeli threats, including the defense strategy.

In addition to several political parties, Aoun received Hizbullah MP Moahmmed Raad who announced that he and the president discussed “the protection of Lebanon and the resumption of the government's work.”

“The viewpoints of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc and President Aoun are identical,” Raad added, hoping the stances will be translated into action.

The premier has called for dissociating Lebanon from the regional conflicts through ending Hizbullah’s involvement in them.

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Thumb justin 28 November 2017, 14:26

loool @ 'Neutrality' Intention

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 28 November 2017, 14:30

Aoun Assures Hariri on Hizbullah's 'Neutrality' Intention

and his assurances are worthless.

Thumb Mystic 28 November 2017, 15:29

Your opinions are worthless.

Thumb Elemental 28 November 2017, 18:20

Coming from an Anchor baby, yeah that really counts.

Thumb Mystic 28 November 2017, 18:33

I can make you swallow it babies. American scum

Thumb Elemental 28 November 2017, 21:34

Anchor baby, that made no sense whatsoever. Sounds like some creepy fetish of yours though.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 28 November 2017, 14:49

never has Lebanon seen a president with such intentions, ever!

Thumb Elemental 28 November 2017, 18:20

It's what he's paid to say, not taken at face value.

Thumb Elemental 28 November 2017, 18:22

I say the tiny ones, if at all existent ones in the most remotely possible way? Definitely the fake account creators.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 28 November 2017, 18:37

Hezballah's commitment to the dissociation policy is as valuable as their commitment to the Baabda declaration, the Doha agreement and a calm summer of 2006.

Thumb liberty 29 November 2017, 04:21

hehe that's because the filthy troll has selective memory:)

Thumb ex-fpm 29 November 2017, 08:29

the irony! The filthy despicable troll flamethrower/mowaten is complaining about fake accounts when he mans this forum 24/7 posting under a new made on demand fake account trolling and insulting posters every chance it gets.

Thumb justin 29 November 2017, 09:16

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