PSP Says Bassil-Taymour Jumblat Meeting Reflects New Party Policy


The meeting was held between Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil and the head of the Democratic Gathering bloc MP Taymour Jumblat reflects a new Progressive Socialist Party policy, PSP sources said.

In remarks published Sunday in Kuwait’s al-Anbaa newspaper, the sources said the meeting in Laqlouq reflected “the pacification policy that PSP leader Walid Jumblat has decided to show towards the presidential tenure, and perhaps towards its supporters, until the end of this term.”

The meeting at Bassil’s residence in Laqlouq was attended by MP Cesar Abi Khalil of the FPM-led Strong Lebanon bloc.

Abi Khalil said the meeting focused on “building the future for our youths on the basis of partnership in politics, administration and development.”

The talks follow soaring tensions between the two parties that had culminated in the deadly unrest that marred Bassil’s recent visit to Chouf and Aley – a stronghold of the PSP.

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Thumb lebanonforever 09 September 2019, 06:41

Blue shirt day except for the midget

What a disgrace...

Fellow Lebanese, this image should remind you all that your loyalty to such of these guys fathers, fathers in-law means their sons will bring same corruptness in the coming decades...

FPM and PSP are not about Lebanese rather about their family control over Lebanon...
Don't sell your next vote to these corrupts