Reports: Aoun-Diab Talks Positive, Foreign Portfolio Hurdle Resolved


Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab held a “positive” meeting with President Michel Aoun on Tuesday and the foreign affairs portfolio obstacle has been resolved, TV networks said.

“Aoun and Diab held a 45-minute meeting and the atmosphere was positive,” MTV and al-Jadeed TV said.

MTV quoted Baabda sources as saying that an 18-seat technocrat government will be formed.

“Diab carried a list of names to Aoun and reports said that the obstacles related to the foreign, justice and interior portfolios have been resolved as well as the appointment of Demianos Qattar as a minister,” MTV added.

Al-Jadeed meanwhile said that Diab presented a “final line-up” to Aoun.

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Missing peace 07 January 2020, 19:12

this gvt will not last because they are just laughing at people! they chose technocrats designated by parties... tell me the difference? Lol! they will not be independant and as before, instead of focusing on the problems of the country they will still fight for the interests of the parties and their leaders!