First Gas Exploration Vessel Docks at Beirut Port


A supply vessel, Lundstrom Tide, arrived at Beirut Port in preparation for offshore drilling and exploration works, LBCI reported on Wednesday.

Rented by Total, the vessel prepares to start exploration in bloc 4.

A drill vessel, Tungsten Explorer, is expected to arrive in Lebanon on February 15 to start the drilling

Last year, Lebanon signed its first contract to drill for oil and gas in its waters.

A consortium comprising energy giants Total, ENI and Novatek took the first two of its 10 blocks, including block 9 disputed by Israel with which Lebanon has fought several wars.

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Missing peace 05 February 2020, 11:16

and here is the reason why the corrupt system refuses to acknowledge people's demand of an independant gvt...
they all need to stay in power to defend their share in the oil exploitation!