Protests Outside U.S. Embassy Demand 1559 Implementation


A number of protesters gathered outside the embassy of the United States in Awkar on Saturday demanding the implementation of UN Resolution 1559, as army and security forces deployed in the area and blocked the road leading to the embassy with barbed wire, said the National News Agency.

The demonstrators raised the Lebanese and American flags, and delivered a “thank you” letter to the embassy representative for the American stances in support of Lebanon and its army.

They called on the US to "assist in implementing international resolutions, especially 1559,” added NNA.

The sit-in came in line with the US Independence Day.

“There is no salvation for Lebanon except by dissolving and disarming the militias, restricting weapons to the army, restricting the decision for war and peace to the state, and extending its authority over all Lebanese territory,” they said.

On Twitter, the US embassy said: “Thank you to the group of Lebanese that made our Independence Day special by gathering to express appreciation to the U.S. for its ongoing partnership and support for Lebanon’s security, humanitarian, and development challenges.”

Similarly, US Ambassador Dorothy Shea shared her wishes on Independence Day saying: “The US was founded on the ideals of equality and opportunity for all. Our declaration of independence and our constitution enshrine these basic rights.

“This year as we celebrate our independence, let us all reflect and renew our efforts to achieve a more perfect union,” she said.

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Thumb LongLiveLebanon 04 July 2020, 15:22

The USA must help Lebanon, a beacon of freedom and democracy in a troubled Middle-East.

Thumb zahle_nights007 04 July 2020, 15:44

“There is no salvation for Lebanon except by dissolving and disarming the militias" -- This should be THE ONLY demand and nothing else. So long this militia carries weapons, there is no salvation for Lebanon and its people.

Missing rabiosa 04 July 2020, 18:41

Is the US not implementing 1559 or is the Lebanese government not implanting 1559. Do these demonstrators know that.