Protesters from across Lebanon Flock to Tripoli in Solidarity


Protester delegations from the various Lebanese regions rallied Sunday in Tripoli’s al-Nour Square in a show of solidarity following this week’s violent protests in the northern city.

The National News Agency said the demonstrators came from Beirut, Metn, Sidon, the Bekaa, Dinniyeh, Minieh and Akkar to “express solidarity with Tripoli’s sons and condemn the acts of rioting that the capital of the north witnessed days ago.”

Army troops and security forces deployed at al-Nour Square and its vicinity during the rally, NNA said.

It added that the protesters carried Lebanese flags and banners containing solidarity slogans. They also chanted slogans and called for continuing protests against the ruling class, stressing that “Tripoli is unified and will not be a hostage for conflicts between political forces.

After the end of the al-Nour Square rally, some protesters hurled stones at Tripoli's Serail, which prompted security forces to respond with tear gas, al-Jadeed TV said.

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