Mustaqbal Delegation Visits Rahi in Bkirki


After his calls for a UN-sponsored international conference for Lebanon, Maronite Patriarch Beshara el-Rahi received a delegation from al-Mustaqbal Movement in Bkirki, the National News Agency reported.

The delegation was led by MP Bahiaa Hariri, said NNA.

"Delegated by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, we visited His Beatitude and supported his initiatives and dauntless efforts aimed at reaching a solution to steer the country out of the political crisis and form the government," MP Samir Jisr told reporters following the meeting.

He added that talks also touched on the outcome of the external communications carried out by the PM-designate.

"We confirmed to His Beatitude that PM Hariri is determined to form a mission-driven government of non-partisan competent experts," said the lawmaker.

"We also underlined that the PM-designate is committed to the implementation of the Constitution and the Taef Agreement in letter and spirit, especially in terms of the preservation of the rights of the Lebanese, Christians and Muslims alike," he added.

"We reiterated our support for the Baabda Declaration, which stipulated Lebanon's neutralization from the policy of axes and regional and international conflicts," he continued.

In response to a question about the government formation, Jisr said: "We did not lose hope. This issue must be solved."

"Mustaqbal Movement backs Rahi's calls on neutralizing Lebanon because it refuses keeping the country a platform to launch missiles. As for an international conference for Lebanon, we have to see if that is possible," Mustaqbal official and ex-MP Moustafa Allouch had earlier told al-Jadeed television.

Thousands of Lebanese rallied Saturday in support of the Patriarch following Hizbulah criticism of the Christian leader's positions.

Al-Rahi had called for a UN-sponsored "international conference" in the face of Lebanon's economic collapse and political impasse.

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Missing formerlebaniz 01 March 2021, 11:22

Nasarallah says could lead to occupation... news flash you are the leader of the invading force already there, you just don’t want competition.