Israel Offers to Help Lebanon Hospitals with Respirators


Israel has expressed its willingness to provide hospitals in Lebanon with ventilators to treat Coronavirus patients, according to German News Agency on Thursday.

According to Israeli media, the offer came from the Director-general of the Israeli Health Ministry Hezi Levi "due to the severe shortage of such devices in Lebanon,” he said.

Levi said that after the Beirut port explosion, Israel offered to provide the Lebanese government with humanitarian help, but Lebanon refused to receive this aid.

Israel had offered to provide humanitarian aid to Lebanon after the explosion, through foreign channels, as the two countries have no diplomatic relations.

On Wednesday, the Syrian government offered 75 tons of oxygen to Lebanon during a visit by its caretaker health minister in response to a request for Covid-19 assistance.

On Wednesday, Lebanon recorded 3,856 new cases of coronavirus and 53 deaths, which raised the total to 448,721 and 5,903 deaths.

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Missing un520 25 March 2021, 13:42

Just take the offer and start building a new relationship, like all countries accepted Germany after WW2. Why hate for hates sake?

Thumb galaxy 25 March 2021, 14:13

"Thank you , real friends of the Lebanese people. Unlike Iran and Syria"

Thumb 25 March 2021, 14:40

And unlike ‘our’ own politicians who couldn’t care less about us.

Thumb lebanon_first 25 March 2021, 17:29

Israel is veeery important to Hezbollah.
It is its justification to exist. This is why we are supposed to keep singof singof 3alatoul

Missing phillipo 25 March 2021, 18:10

How much would anyone like to bet that Lebanon will refuse this offer.
The present leaders would much prefer to see innocent Lebanese civilians die, than accept Israeli assistance.

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 26 March 2021, 05:53

Plz dude get off this site you only comment on Israel, go worry about your elections. You people have been bombing Lebanon since b4 the plo and hezb.

Default-user-icon Steve (Guest) 26 March 2021, 05:51

Why are all the ppl who commented on this even allowed on this site. You are all traitors.

Missing phillipo 26 March 2021, 08:51

or just ignore. As usual.
The politicians can't be in favour of this as there is no way any of them can get a backhander from it.

Missing 1948 26 March 2021, 10:47

Israel should pay for all of the damages that it incurred in Lebanon through out the years first, then Israel should prosecute its officers and politician who committed war crimes. then we will accept anything from them.

Missing phillipo 26 March 2021, 11:30

1948, remember or perhaps learn.
1. In 1948 it was the Arab Armies which invaded Israel and not the other way round, so why should Israel have to pay for damages.
2. When are the 800,000 Jews who were expelled from the Arab States (including Lebanon) going to receive compensation for all their property left behind?
3. In more recent years Hizballah has incurred much more damage on Lebanon than Israel ever did. Israel NEVER attacked the territory under the direct control of the Government of the Republic of Lebanon, but only those parts of the republic which was occupied by the terrorists.

Missing 1948 27 March 2021, 10:44

Just because you repeat Israeli fake news doesn't make true

Thumb thepatriot 26 March 2021, 13:02

First, let Syria pay. They have occupied us for decades, invaded us, they tortured our people, executed our soldiers, they stole from our port, from our businesses, they sent us over 1.5M refugees, they embezzled us, they assassinated many of our political leaders including Presidents. They have manipulated our Politics, bought off our Politicians.
Second, let the Palestinians Pay. They have destroyed half of this country. We have the burden of hundreds of thousands of their people, living on our land. They used and occupied our lands af it it was their own. Why are they still here?
I admire the Israelis for reaching out to us and lending a hand. It is honorable and gracious as they are our enemy. A gesture we would be totally incapable of because Ebola has been repeating for decades that these people want our Land or water or ressources... The enemy is not Israel anymore. It is within our own...

Missing easygoing 26 March 2021, 13:33

Totally agree 200% with your comment Patriot..