Report: French Minister 'Confines' His Lebanon Meetings to Aoun, Berri


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is reportedly expected to limit his upcoming meetings in Lebanon with President Michel Aoun and Speaker Nabih Berri, the Saudi Asharq el-Awsat newspaper reported on Monday.

Le Drian, expected to arrive Wednesday in Beirut, has “confined” his meetings to Aoun and Berri without any intention to meet other parties concerned with the formation of the government “mainly PM-designate Saad Hariri,” reported the daily.

Political sources in Lebanon concerned with forming the government, met the French move with “astonishment” and a “negative shock” in the absence of any French explanation to justify excluding the most important political components of Le Drian's meetings in Beirut, it added.

“It is up to him (Hariri) alone to choose the appropriate time to make the change without observing what others (Aoun) want, not to defend himself, but more importantly to put things on the right track in parallel with Le Drian’s communications,” said the sources.

They added that the stalled government formation can not be blamed on those who “support the French initiative by actions, not by words,” hinting at Hariri.

Asharq el-Awsat “prominent” sources in Paris, said Le Drian is carrying “three important” files to address in Lebanon, and that the United States of America and Britain are preparing joint sanctions on “corrupt” parties in Lebanon that are also hampering the government formation.

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Thumb marcus 03 May 2021, 10:12

French Minister 'Confines' His Lebanon Meetings to Aoun, Berri

?! If that is the case, you are not welcome in Lebanon. Those two represent the epitome of corruption and nepotism.

Thumb 03 May 2021, 16:17

France and the EU sold our country to Iran…. Nothing surprising here with LeDrian

Missing kazan 03 May 2021, 17:25

France and the EU sold your country? I think it is more appropriate to say the Lebanese sold their integrity by keeping supporting the warlords and the feudal chiefs. Please wake up, grow up and stop nagging.

Thumb 03 May 2021, 18:45

France sold our country whilst some politicians sold their followers after robbing them to foreign interests. What’s the bigger deal?
I’m apolitical , I didn’t vote for the corrupt system like 51% of the population.

No Kazan, you need to grow up and stop defending the former colonizers of Lebanon and planted the seed of discord on various occasions.

Missing cedars 03 May 2021, 14:08

The last warning before the bomb is dropped?

Missing rabiosa 03 May 2021, 17:43

When I blast the Frenchys and their EU counterpart, I know why I do it.

I posted in another article few days ago, about the the French Minister, what's he coming to do?

Now I know. Talking to the guy who's been sitting in speaker's chair for 30 years, who represents everything that is wrong politically in a supposedly democratic country.

Told you long ago, if some might recall, nothing ever gets done in Lebanon without it passing through Berri.