3 Rockets Fired from South Lebanon toward Israel


Three rockets were fired Thursday from southern Lebanon toward Israel, Lebanese security officials said, amid an escalating fighting between Israel and the militant Palestinian Hamas group in Gaza.

The rockets were launched from the Qlayleh area north of Naqoura, near the border with Israel.

Israel's army confirmed the attack and said the rockets landed in the sea.

It was not immediately clear who had fired them, but two sources close to Hizbullah said the Lebanese group had no link to the incident.

"A short while ago, three rockets were fired from Lebanon into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Galilee," Israel's army said in a statement. "According to protocol no sirens were sounded," it added.

Several media reports said Lebanese security forces arrested those who fired the rockets. Al-Jadeed TV however said no arrests have been made but added that the Lebanese Army has deployed in the area and is following the situation closely.

Al-Jadeed later reported that the army was chasing several suspects in a grove in the area.

A Palestinian official meanwhile told An-Nahar newspaper that the Palestinian factions were responsible for the incident and that “their message is that the resistance is one in Lebanon and Palestine.”

Al-Manar TV reporter Ali Shoaib meanwhile tweeted that the rockets did not cross the border and that the atmosphere was very normal in the area after the army’s deployment.

And as MTV said that Israeli warplanes were overflying south Lebanon after the incident, Al-Arabiya TV quoted Israeli sources as saying that there will be no Israeli response.

The spokesman of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Andrea Tenenti, meanwhile said that the Force, known as UNIFIL, was in contact with the Lebanese and Israeli sides and was urging them to show utmost restraint after the incident.

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Thumb gebran_sons 13 May 2021, 22:49

So easy to destroy, so difficult to build up! Unfortunately some only acquired skill is destruction and hatred. Rockets only bring misery and illusionary victories while people agony and suffering deepens. Game well known, see Yemen hungry and sick kids but leaders with ballistic missiles and guided exploding planes. Only purpose to entrench hatred and war for benefit of Vichy leaders subservient to a criminal Iranian regime and ultimately helping keep criminal Netanyahu in power to justify their own crimes. The kiss of death of Suleimani is bringing fruit. Who's next in this game of destruction. Two sides of the same coin!

Missing arturo 13 May 2021, 23:13

A war with Israel is the last thing Lebanon should be seeking. It is far from certain that Arab states will pledge (and certainly not give) the generous funds to rebuild provided after past wars with Israel. And Lebanon is bankrupt and doesn't have the funds to do it itself.

Thumb Maxx 14 May 2021, 00:09

Were those rockets bought with dollars or bartered for a pound of food?

Thumb warrior 14 May 2021, 00:42

Where is the glorious terrorist iranian resistance whose leader said a few weeks ago he is closer than ever to liberating Jerusalem? lol

Thumb ashtah 14 May 2021, 01:06

أخبار عاجلة
حزب الله ينفي إطلاق صواريخ من جنوب لبنان باتجاه إسرائيل (BBC)

There you have it!

Thumb ashtah 14 May 2021, 01:43

“مقاومة أم حرس حدود؟ فعلاً اللي استحوا ماتوا. فعلاً عذراً فلسطين. عذراً أيها الشهيد البطل وأهله وجمهوره. دمّرتم البلد تحت عنوان المقاومة وتحرير القدس وفلسطين”.

Thumb ansarullah 14 May 2021, 02:31

Ya Nassrallah Ya Habeeb , Oudrob Oudrob Tal Abib
“منشان الله يا سيد يالا”
Shia Shia Shia !!!
«شيعة، شيعة، شيعة”

Thumb justin 14 May 2021, 11:07

hezbollah and similar iranian proxies only fire rockets at Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. When push comes to shove, they show their true colors.... mercenaries and cowards.

Missing 1948 14 May 2021, 11:57

Justin what Rubbish you are talking about, Hezbollah on 2006 ground force made Israel ask first time ever for cease fire, while Israeli soldiers were calling home crying.

Thumb justin 14 May 2021, 12:16

Check your facts:)

Thumb justin 14 May 2021, 12:19

It was not Israel who said back then " Had I known":)

Missing phillipo 14 May 2021, 13:30

1948 doesn't understand facts, so it's a waste of time trying to reply to him.

Missing easygoing 14 May 2021, 20:43

I just don’t get why Lebanon has to be in war with Israel. It was/is not Lebanon who is in conflict with Israel, is Iran, and the Lebanese pay the price. Said this, we all know that Israel could destroy Beirut in 5’... i think that the past should be left apart and look forward. Other arab countries are making tiles with Israel, but Lebanon can’t, cause of Hezbolla. Wouldn’t be better to have a friendly country beside us instead of continuous problems that don’t lead to nothing than misery? Wouldn’t be better to try to dialogue instead than rockets? Lebanon and the Lebanese are always in the middle of all the problems cause the soveranity of Lebanon is not of the Lebanese, and that’s why the country always faces problems. And now even more since banks where bankrupt..