PM Consultations Expected Monday or after Eid al-Adha


In the wake of PM-designate Saad Hariri’s resignation, preparations kicked off at the presidential palace to set a date for the binding parliamentary consultations to name a new premier, media report said on Friday.

“The consultations vigorously began overnight in order to set an urgent date for holding the consultations and naming the new premier who will be tasked with the formation mission,” sources close to Baabda told al-Joumhouria newspaper.

“As a result of the preliminary consultations, the idea of holding the consultations on Friday or in the weekend was ruled out, pending some necessary preparatory discussions,” the sources added, noting that President Michel Aoun and his allies “need time to think of a successor.”

“The consultations will perhaps be scheduled for Monday, or else they will be postponed until after the Eid al-Adha holiday, which will be marked from Tuesday until Friday next week,” the sources went on to say.

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Thumb marcus 16 July 2021, 14:27

"noting that President Michel Aoun and his allies “need time to think of a successor.”

The pos forgets it is not his job to find a successor or assign a Prime Minister but rather the Parliament's job!

I am all for his execution.

Thumb 16 July 2021, 16:53

they’re actually going to take the day off for the Adha…. This is unbelievable.

Missing mcessen1 17 July 2021, 04:12

"Expected"?? Really?? Consultations and a Government forming should be an immediate 24/7 priority!!
"Eid"?? Really?? You think Eid is going to be a happy time for the Lebanese people while they live in this miserable hell??
Where is the sense of urgency??

Default-user-icon Wiseman (Guest) 17 July 2021, 12:08

Another consultation for the sake of Aoun's SIL Basil. What a garbage country Lebanon has turned into. As I said earlier, the Maronites are the Cancer of this country and are not Christians in their actions. They imply worship the devil and pretend to worship Jesus, who would disown them all if he were to come again to this world.