Optimism on Govt. Surges as Draft Line-Up Emerges


Optimism has surged on the possibility of forming a new government in the coming days while most Lebanese newspapers have published incomplete draft cabinet line-ups.

“Discussions are underway to pick candidates who would satisfy the Lebanese and the international community in order to be able to receive international aid,” the reports said.

Below is the draft line-up that is being circulated:

- Energy Ministry: Carole Ayyat (President’s share)

- Deputy PM: To be named by Aoun and Miqati

- Social Affairs: President’s share

- Defense: President’s share

- Foreign Affairs: Abdallah Bou Habib (Named by Aoun and Miqati)

- Economy: President’s share or SSNP’s share

- Telecom: Marada’s share

- Industry: Marada’s share

- Interior: Ibrahim Basbous or Mohammed al-Hassan or Marwan Zein or a candidate from the al-Hajjar family

- Culture: Judge Mohammed Murtada (close to Hizbullah)

- Public Works: Hizbullah’s share

- Finance: Youssef Khalil or Abdullah Nassereddine (Amal’s share)

- Agriculture: Amal’s share

- Education: PSP’s share

- Justice: Judge Jihad al-Wadi (Named by Aoun and Miqati)

- Displaced: Lebanese Democratic Party’s share

- Labor: Shiite duo’s share

- Health: Firass Abiad

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Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 18 August 2021, 13:48

Splitting the cake - they don't get it... they just don't get it.. your time is up. you will end up on a lamppost hung upside down

Thumb ex-fpm 18 August 2021, 14:33

Clearly, it is a government of independent experts from the same ruling mafia. As to "From the President's Share": When the government fails to perform, it resigns along with the prime minister. What happens to the President who named half the ministers in the cabinet? Does he stay or go?

Thumb doodle-dude 18 August 2021, 15:01

lol @Mikati the reformist

Default-user-icon just a friend (Guest) 18 August 2021, 15:41

“a candidate from the al-Hajjar family” …a Ministry assignment is being dealt as a prerogative of a family… and who would be selected, are they gonna pick it with a lottery? is this some sort of joke???!!!

Thumb i.report 18 August 2021, 16:46

"Culture: Judge Mohammed Murtada (close to Hizbullah)"

What culture is this? The culture of terror?

And why didn’t they merge culture and agriculture this time again to prove their incurie, carelessness and negligence?

With this syrianian government, we’re plucked for good.

Missing mcessen1 18 August 2021, 17:07

$100 bet says that the Taliban form a government before us!!

Thumb gebran_sons 18 August 2021, 19:55

Formation upgraded from a Vichy to a mafia-Vichy government... impressive progress worth waiting for!

Default-user-icon George Elias Beaini (Guest) 19 August 2021, 02:50

Leave ya Houbbi....All of Younz...Means All !!

Default-user-icon Lebnani (Guest) 19 August 2021, 07:05

If the energy ministry goes to Aoun, the country should be kissed goodbye. Miqati would be a puppet to Aoun and doing what Aoun wants, which means, oil and gas will again be subsidized to help Basil steal what's left of people's monies. A bunch of idiots sharing the country and splitting it amongst themselves. The problem, though, is that they all claim to defend their religious affiliation, while in essence, their actions come from the devil. What a joke.

Thumb Surrounded 19 August 2021, 08:22

Clearly this is a Berri Government. He put his hand on the Finance and Labor so that he can loot the country again a get re-elected. The most powerful man in Lebanon.
Shame on you Mikati. Just go back where you came from and leave this country alone. You are going to have a lot of blood on your hands.

Thumb thepatriot 19 August 2021, 09:29

And here we go.... again.