Reports: Bitar Confirms to Oueidat Being Threatened by Safa


Beirut port blast investigative judge Tarek Bitar has confirmed in a letter to State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat that he has received a verbal threat from senior Hizbullah official Wafiq Safa, media reports said on Wednesday.

Oueidat had on Tuesday asked Bitar to prepare a written report about "what's being circulated about a verbal message that he indirectly received from Mr. Wafiq Safa."

LBCI TV reporter Edmond Sassine earlier on Tuesday posted a tweet alleging that Safa had threatened Bitar through a third person.

"We're totally fed up with you. We will go with you until the end in the legal course and if it doesn't work out we will uproot you," Sassine quoted Safa as telling Bitar through a third person.

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Thumb thepatriot 22 September 2021, 17:40

Yeah... Lokman Slim received the same threats.