Al-Rahi urges state to benefit from 'positive steps, regional developments'


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday expressed relief over three developments that took place over the past days – the announcement that Pope Francis will visit Lebanon in June, Lebanon’s tentative deal with the International Monetary Fund, and the return of the Saudi and Kuwaiti ambassadors to Beirut.

“These positive steps coincide with important regional and international developments and we hope the Lebanese state will capitalize on them and employ them exclusively within the national framework,” al-Rahi said in his Palm Sunday sermon.

He added that the pope’s visit to Lebanon is part of the Vatican’s efforts in “helping Lebanon exit from its deep crisis and keeping it among the group of democratic nations.”

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Thumb chrisrushlau 10 April 2022, 20:18

Article 24's set-aside is "democratic"? That helps me understand what "Christian" means in Lebanon, and why its capital is known as "Pay-route".

Thumb oompa-loompas 11 April 2022, 00:38

Article 24 is almost as unfair and undemocratic as a glorified potatoes peeler with bars on the shoulder getting a more substantial army pension than the lowly GI who put his life on the line every single day. But hey what ya gonna do, such is life.

Thumb oompa-loompas 11 April 2022, 00:53

No chris, "Pay-route" is the route the US Army pension checks take into chrisrushlau's bank account a reward for helping to murder hundreds of thousands of them hajjis. These checks afford him a life of leisure opining on subjects he knows nothing about and supporting the regime who financed the killing of his "brothers" in arms, although his weapons of choice were the potato peeler and the ladle.