LADE reports 'flagrant violations' in Sunday's elections


The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, LADE, which was monitoring the parliamentary elections, said Monday it has registered many irregularities and violations during the polls.

LADE said its members were threatened and attacked by several groups, mostly in areas controlled by Hizbullah and Amal.

"Flagrant violations, intimidation and pressures were made by several political parties," LADE said, as it accused the Ministry of Interior of showing "laxity" in enforcing the law.

Voter turnout was said to be at 41% — less than the 49% in the last election. Official results are expected to be announced later Monday.

Lebanon holds elections every four years and the new parliament will elect a new president after Aoun’s term ends in October.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 16 May 2022, 17:32

Why vote when everybody knows "Christians" are going to win? It looks like Hizbullah got what it deserved for not attacking the dysfunctionalism. You can't make deals with bigots.

Missing 5-7doud 16 May 2022, 23:03

Hezballah is the primary cause of the "dysfunctionalism" in this election and the people who suffer most are members of their own community, their Shiite opponents in the South, the Beqaa and even in Jbeil. They were the ones attacked, threatened and bullied into withdrawing from running and prevented from campaigning freely by the so called Shiite duo. Basically Hezballah did to the Lebanese Shiites who oppose them what their Iraqi equivalent have been doing in Iraq after losing their elections there. BTW chrisrushlau since 2006 the bigots are Hezballah's allies and the leader of these bigots was elected president by Hezballah's riffles as one of their MPs once boasted.

Thumb boulos1010 16 May 2022, 23:19

Why do you post such rubbish----your problem is the Christian vote in Lebanon and outside of Lebanon. Cant manipulate the free minded Lebanese.