Hizbullah slams Al-Arabiya 'lies' linking group to drugs trade


Hizbullah’s media relations department has lashed out at the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya satellite television for “fabricating lies and false accusations” that link the Iran-backed group to the “manufacturing and sale of narcotics.”

“This is aimed at insulting Hizbullah and tarnishing the image of resistance movements in the eyes of the public opinion,” the department said in a statement.

“All of this is in the service of the Israeli enemy and the humiliating schemes of normalizing ties with it, and to deviate attention from the damning facts about the involvement of top Saudi princes and officials in the trade of drugs and captagon pills,” the department added.

Al-Arabiya has reported that one of several drug smugglers recently killed by Jordanian forces on Syria’s border was “closely linked” to Hizbullah.

It also said that “Hizbullah-linked groups” and the Syrian army’s Fourth Division led by Maher al-Assad had recently “intensified drugs transportation operations from Lebanon to areas in Daraa and Sweida with the aim of smuggling them into Jordan and other Arab countries.”

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Missing singldad 26 May 2022, 18:35

the truth hurts

Thumb gebran_sons 26 May 2022, 20:30

The only thing preventing liberating now Lebanon and the Shia community from the Iranian occupation is for FPM MPs to join patriot MPs and vote for sovereignty, border demarcation, independence and disarming militias and refugee camps. Otherwise, FPM MPs are the one preventing Lebanon from getting out of Hell where they had brought the country. Their chance to be regarded as patriots not traitors. Hope they see the light and not keep living in darkness as Useful Idiots under Basij control.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 27 May 2022, 04:35

"After all, the Saudis gave funds to Annahar for years."

Please, provide evidence of how and when these funds were made and the means by which they were made; bank transfers, Western Union, Cash Deposits, Checks!!

Thumb sevilla 27 May 2022, 07:12


Missing gabriel01 27 May 2022, 07:55

It is well established internationally that the hezb is well versed in the drug trade and money laundering. Nothing new under the sun. That’s where the saying comes: Thy protesteth too much.

Thumb thepatriot 27 May 2022, 12:18

They reply of Ebola is always the same... Israel blablabla, Saudis blablabla... Americans blablabla... lol
Everybody Knows.

Thumb SheikYerbouti 27 May 2022, 14:12

I have to agree with Hezbollah and I understand their outrage. Hezbollah is not linked to the drugs trade, Hezbollah IS the drug trade.. it's a Zen thing.