Bou Saab says deal with Israel '90% done'


Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab told Reuters on Thursday that he would only respond to official statements and not to media reports on Israel's stance, after a top Israeli official said that Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid is inclined to reject the latest amendments requested by Lebanon.

Bou Saab added that the deal "is 90% done but the remaining 10% could make it or break it," adding that he was in constant contact with U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein.

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Missing phillipo 07 October 2022, 09:17

Considering his remarks it seems that Mr. Bou Saab realises that 90% of something is still better than 100% of nothing which is what the situation will be if there is no agreement.

Thumb gebran_sons 07 October 2022, 14:03

Yes, despite all the media games, a gas deal will be signed because it benefits Israel and USA elections and the political mafia in Lebanon with Hizbollah and FPM on top of the corruption chain. The only victims will be the Lebanese people and its children that will see their Country natural resources pre-sold by the political mafia to be used for more corruptions, oppression and isolation, as well as to enrich political mafia and HizbIran's Basij. Just look how oil/gas resources are used in Iran. No greater crime against Lebanon's future than this deal by the political mafia! First they bankrupt Lebanon and steal people lifetime savings, and when nothing else left to steal, they target future generation to insure they remain in hell!