Lebanese aviation chief denies Iranian planes carrying arms to Hezbollah


Lebanon’s Civil Aviation Director General Fadi al-Hassan on Thursday denied a media report claiming that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard might take advantage of the flights of Iranian airline Meraj to transfer arms and sensitive equipment to Hezbollah.

“This report is baseless,” al-Hassan told al-Jadeed television.

“The air company, which operated its first flight to Beirut’s international airport on November 14, meets all the security requirements,” al-Hassan added.

“The timing of this report harms the reputation of Beirut’s airport,” he said.

The report had been recently broadcast by the Saudi-owned Al-Hadath television.

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Missing un520 08 December 2022, 16:12

The reputation of Beirut Airport is already like the reputation of Beirut Port; in tatters. Thanks Hezbollah!

Thumb SheikYerbouti 08 December 2022, 21:28

Meraj, what a name to call an airline LOL.