Paris urges 'speedy election' of Lebanese president and new govt.


French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna on Tuesday urged the "speedy election" of a president in Lebanon and the formation of a new government to "carry out badly needed reforms."

Lebanon's cabinet is acting in a caretaker capacity, and the country has been without a head of state for more than a month.

Colonna voiced her remarks at the "Baghdad II" meeting in Jordan, where leaders from the Middle East and Europe gathered to discuss bolstering security and stability in Iraq in addition to finding ways to resolve the region’s crises.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 21 December 2022, 01:15

She said, "Don't make us come back and do it ourselves." France's military, which numbers in the single numbers, is dreaded in certain sections of an undisclosed location for reasons of national security.
That is, I doubt that she wants Lebanon to embrace majority rule.