Report: Bukhari may ask Sunni MPs to vote for Franjieh


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed the Lebanese file “in depth and in details” during their meeting in Jeddah on May 19, sources informed on the meeting said.

“This was reflected in Riyadh’s reversal of its previous veto on Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh’s election as president, before it lifted the veto and moved to negative neutrality,” al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Monday.

“The eye is on what Saudi Ambassador Walid Bukhari is carrying, after he returned to Beirut two days ago, amid reports that he might tell hesitant MPs, specifically the Sunni MPs, to support Franjieh,” the daily added.

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Thumb 29 May 2023, 20:53

Are Sunni MPs marionettes? We'll find out soon enough.

Thumb gebran_sons 30 May 2023, 01:09

If we had put our trust in principles not zuama, Cedar Revolution would have succeeded and Lebanon the new Singapore. Naïve to believe who abandoned Iranian Opposition overnight will not abandon Lebanon sovereign leaders. Must go back to Cedar Revolution eternal principles of freedom, democracy, justice and sovereignty. Must insure Cedar Revolution and Green Revolution are twin and coordinate at all levels. Must bypass leaders and work at community levels to group all freedom and democracy courageous supporters to fight Iranian occupation and their useful idiots. Either Lebanon free of Iranian arms or divided into Hizbollahstan and Free Lebanon. No other solution!

Missing samiam 30 May 2023, 11:38

"al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Monday"

The credibility of the source is already in question. igoore and move on