Jumblat slams last 5-nation group meeting, asks what KSA wants


Former Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat was not pleased by the result of the latest 5-nation group meeting on Lebanon in New York. "Some are playing with the Lebanese," Jumblat told L'Orient-Le Jour newspaper, a day after the meeting.

The group -- which comprises the U.S., France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt -- had convened Tuesday at the U.N. headquarters in New York but failed to issue a statement because of disagreements between its members.

"The quintet has become a quartet," Jumblat said, as he accused "some members" of the group of "sabotaging" and "marginalizing" French envoy to Lebanon Jean-Yves Le Drian's mission.

"It's a leap into the unknown," Jumblat charged, adding that the presidential crisis has returned to square one.

The former PSP leader called on Saudi Arabia to "explain what it wants." "Things have reached a blatant and unacceptable level," he said. "This would fuel the ridiculous theories of those who want vacuum."

Le Drian had visited Lebanon in September to resume his initiative to break the presidential deadlock, as he hoped that a dialogue proposed by Speaker Nabih Berri would pave the way for a solution. Berri's dialogue was rejected by opposition forces -- the Lebanese Forces, the Kataeb party, the Tajaddod bloc, and some Change MPs -- who have refused to take part in talks to agree on a president before proceeding with a vote, preferring to rely on the democratic process.

Divided over dialogue, the Lebanese pinned hopes on the five-nation group meeting but disagreements between the U.S. and France in the five-nation committee Tuesday marred the meeting, according to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad.

Pro-Hezbollah al-Akhbar newspaper also reported a "U.S. objection to the French management of the Lebanese file," adding that Washington has demanded a specific timeframe for Le Drian’s mission.

It said that the French-Saudi rapprochement, that Le Drian and Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari were keen to highlight, did not receive support from the Americans, who are clearly pushing for assigning the mission to Qatar.

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Thumb gebran_sons 22 September 2023, 09:16

Anyone negotiating with an occupying force is a traitor pure and simple. The biggest victims of Iran Foreign Legion invasion of Lebanon is the Shia community. No compromises with this Vichy government and their facilitators and apologists. MTV please fire George Ghanem, the prime apologist for Duo and political mafia. Also when will media stop inviting Wiam Wahhab. His high-level HizbIran is as laughable as his ridiculous arguments. Don't think he'll be visiting Swaida anytime soon. Should stay basking in Jahiliya~!

Thumb gebran_sons 22 September 2023, 09:17

MBS Fox interview put him at a different level of leaders and send clear consequential messages. Wars has winners and losers, often only losers but economic competition is a win-win. What Germany and France discovered after hundred years of bloody wars, now economic partners & allies. MBS confident interview contrasts two strategies Nadim Koteish highlighted: Suleimani’s kiss of death using wars, oppression and intimidation to achieve hegemony versus MBS progress, development & reforms modernizing a nation in record time. Suleimani left misery & destruction in all nations captured by his militias; whereas MBS is providing jobs for millions, negotiating with world leaders and planning Indian route to Europe. He can deliver peace to Palestinian in contrast to Iran’s radicalization and misery. Whereas Iran can’t sell its oil, MBS imposes higher prices impacting US elections and war in Europe. Saudi has world respect, Iran just a pariah. Hope vs despair.

Missing phillipo 22 September 2023, 16:36

Dear Lebaneese 1,I certainly wish that I was getting paid for what I write on this page, but unfortunately, for your way of thinking, I am a completely independent 79 year old person who has his own view of the world and especially the Middle East which I studied at uni, all those years ago. 2, Even the UN has declared that Israel does not occupy one single square centimeter of Lebanese soil. 3, How can you claim that a country whose parliament has over 20% of its members belonging to minorities, Moslems, Christians, Druze,be an apartheid state. Israel has many non-Jewish judges, doctors, defence forces officers, lawyers etc., you wouldn't find this in an apartheid state. So sir, please you should be the one to wake up and stop making a fool of yourself.

Thumb gebran_sons 22 September 2023, 19:17

When MBS sealed agreement with Iran and his media stopped supporting Iranian protestors, I criticized him for paying a ransom to his kidnaper to save his ambitious economic plan, forsaking the region to cool Yemen front, seeking short benefits knowing criminal & untrustful minds of Iranian leaders. I was wrong. MBS is master chess player. He took Iranian to the river and left them thirsty. He froze Iranian hostility & blackmail but still free to pursue economic growth & world connections. Iran punished for its nuclear nirvana whereas Saudi is offered nuclear technology on a golden plate. Iran can’t import chips whereas Saudi will require civil and military technical transfer for all future investments. Iran is locked in circle of growing oppression to keep control whereas Saudis are provided with greater freedom & prosperity. Saudi is gaining respect, influence and soon US protection as Iran’s militias become most hated. MBS has put Iran in a trap it can’t escape.

Thumb gebran_sons 22 September 2023, 19:27

The only criminals whose days are numbered are Hizbollah and its useful idiots. All it takes is Cedar Revolution II funded by Diaspora and supporter by Shia's silent majority; Shia of Imam Saddr, one of Lebanon's giants who believed in the same progress and upbuilding spirit as MBS and Rafiq Hariri. Hizbollah criminals and their Useful Idiots who spread destruction and misery all around will never escape justice even if it takes a generation!

Thumb i.report 22 September 2023, 18:21

مئة بالمئة