Israel-Hezbollah border skirmishes: Latest developments


Israeli forces shelled and carried out air strikes on southern Lebanon Thursday, with Hezbollah also claiming several attacks on Israeli troops and positions.

Hezbollah said it has targeted the Ramim barracks, al-Marj military post, Hadb al-Bustan, al-Jerdah, Bayyad Blida, Ma'ayan Baruch and a group of soldiers in the Mattat barracks. All targets on Israeli military positions were direct hits, Hezbollah said in a statement. Israeli media reported one death in Mattat.

The Israeli artillery shelled the outskirts of Tayrharfa, Dhaira, Alma al-Shaab, Markaba, Kounine, Rmeish and Wadi Slouki and an Israeli drone targeted the outskirts of Majdal Selem.

On Wednesday, Hezbollah claimed 11 attacks on Israeli positions and said the attacks inflicted casualties.

More than 110 people have been killed on the Lebanese side since October, mostly Hezbollah fighters and more than a dozen civilians.

Israel says six of its soldiers and three Israeli civilians have been killed.

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