Qassem: Our presence in the confrontation is what deters the enemy


Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Wednesday said that his group’s “presence in the confrontation” with Israel is “what deters the enemy.”

“The ceiling of the confrontation on Lebanon’s front has been limited, except for some exceptions and responses to these exceptions, but when the enemy escalates to a higher ceiling, our response will be bigger,” Qassem said.

“We will not retreat on the battlefield and any development depends on the battlefield and the confrontation,” Hezbollah’s number two added, noting that Hezbollah is “in the position of deterring the Israeli enemy and rejecting its schemes” while “hoping for victory.”

Hezbollah has been striking at Israeli posts along the border since the Israel-Hamas war broke out on October 7.

More than 200 people, the vast majority of them Hezbollah fighters, have been killed in Lebanon since the violence broke out more than four months ago. The dead include more than 20 civilians.

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Missing HellAndWaite 21 February 2024, 14:54

"Resistance" is a lie and Qassem is a liar.

Hezbollah is the aggressor to the South for its own purpose, not Lebanon's. They have encouraged the battlefield to include as close to Beirut as the enemy needed to inform us of their intended range.

We are in greater peril, not in greater security or prosperity, because of Hezbollah acting without instruction by our government, however hobbled it might still be by the vacancies.

Missing HellAndWaite 21 February 2024, 15:49

.. and so why do you come here? Why not leave us alone in our chosen stupidity? We are not your responsibility to set on a more-correct-in-your-eyes path or any path ... we are a free people on whom you impose yourself without invitation.

Better that you go away and leave Lebanon in whatever remains of peace. Allow others the pleasure of what you call "ignorance".

Missing youssefhaddad 21 February 2024, 16:15

Hezbollah's presence in the South is what made Israel extend its occupation before 2000 and is what invites Israel to attack Lebanon today.
In 1967, Israel invaded Syria, Jordan and Egypt and occupied vast lands there in just 6 days. It did not advance into Lebanon. Why? because then there were a stable government in Lebanon and no armed militias threatening Israel.
Since then, Lebanon was dragged into the "resistance" by the Palestinians till 1982 and then by Hezbollah till now.

Missing gabriel01 21 February 2024, 21:31

Someone should explain to qassem what deter means

Missing gabriel01 21 February 2024, 21:31

Someone should explain to qassem what deter means