Hochstein reportedly held 'extraordinary' contacts after Monday's escalation


U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein held “extraordinary” direct and indirect contacts with all parties in the region in the wake of Monday’s major escalation between Israel and Hezbollah, diplomatic sources said.

Hochstein sought to “contain the escalation, which almost torpedoed all the U.S. efforts to prevent a descent into a harsh confrontation that would threaten to ignite the entire Middle East region,” the sources told ad-Diyar newspaper in remarks published Tuesday.

“The Americans again obtained Israeli assurances that there is no decision yet to expand the clashes zone, but they did not commit to any restrictions,” the sources added.

The fighting witnessed a major escalation on Monday, with Israel carrying out airstrikes in the eastern Baalbek region for the first time since the 2006 war, in response to Hezbollah’s downing of an advanced Israeli drone in south Lebanon.

Since October 8, Hezbollah and Israel have exchanged near-daily fire. At least 284 people have been killed on the Lebanese side since fighting erupted, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also including 44 civilians. On the Israeli side, 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed according to the Israeli army.

The fighting has also displaced tens of thousands of residents on both sides of the border and Israel has repeatedly warned that it might use bigger force against Hezbollah to secure its residents' return.

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Missing HellAndWaite 27 February 2024, 16:45

Hochstein appears to know, say, and do more about Lebanese security than Mikati and the boob who are still imagining that we can not exercise control over Hezbollah's military might while demanding and expecting that the enemy to the South will control its.

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 February 2024, 16:50

All Lebanese totally reject Hizbollah rockets, which insures permanent Hizbollah occupation and its reign of terror, as well as economic misery and hell to only benefit the Vultures of Iran. How can we explain to our kids why we allowed the rape of our country and its culture & traditions by the Basij/duo? How did we allow Hizb/Assad unpunished assassinations from Hariri to Tueni, Chatah, Slim and counting? Lebanon has lost many won wars from UN resolutions to International tribunal. We should lock all traitors, political prostitutes, Useful Idiots, and Hizb’s trojan horses. No secret Netanyahu owes all his election wins to Hizb & Hamas rockets. With Hamas demise, Israel radicals could only stay in power and prevent 2-nation solution if Hizb keeps its rockets. Enough suffering and radicalization of Palestinians compliment of Hizb, Hamas & their masters the Vultures of Tehran. This tragedy must stop. Enough losing won wars. MOST SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS CONTINUE:

Thumb gebran_sons 27 February 2024, 16:50

Serious Talk 16: PERMANENT SOLUTION: The cost of Gaza War is way over one hundred billions if accounting for arms, destruction, displacement, economic interruption, Suez, maritime diversion, raising insurance costs and Aid & UNRWA. A permanent solution is worth several hundred billions to the world community. Permanent Solution requires 2-state solution and peace accords btw Arabs & Israel. This can only happen if Hamas, Hizbollah and Netanyahu & Israeli Radicals are soundly defeated. Hamas is caput (see above). Netanyahu and his radicals know very well their days in government are numbered. They will face Israeli and world courts as soon as war is over and permanent peace achieved. Their only hope of remaining in power is for Hizb to redeploy while keeping Iranian rockets they can play the fear game again as they did in the past 20 years. Permanent peace must include Hizb complete disarmament.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 February 2024, 16:52

Serious Talk 17: DISARMING HIZBOLLAH: Hizbollah is Iran’s Foreign Legion. Recent events left no doubt Hizb role has nothing to do with Liberating Shebaa or Palestine. Its was created by Basij to control Lebanon and making the South Iran’s rocket base & training ground. Permanent peace is worth hundreds of billions. Lebanon’s share should be at least $40 billion if we succeed in disarming Hizb. This requires 3 steps: First: Agreement on border, Shebaa, refugee & $40 billion package invested in South, Beqaa & North for universities, infrastructure, advanced communications, etc. Second, Cedar Revolution II million plus march for No Arms Outside Army. Third: Army gives ultimatum to Hizb to surrender its arms followed by war of liberation if Hizb objects. Yes, fourth generation Lebanese from around the world will volunteer if truly to liberate Lebanon from this criminal militia and corrupt political mafia; and restore our culture, way of life, freedom, independence and civility.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 February 2024, 16:58

Serious Talk 18: DISARMING WILL SUCCEED: If US, Europe & Gulf want permanent peace & 2-State solution; it will happen despite Netanyahu & Nasrallah love story. Duo & Useful Idiots are 90% responsible for Lebanon bankruptcy & fall from shining city on the hill to a beggar nation run by Basij, with no dignity, honor, justice or freedom. Cedar Revolution I happened with zero Shia support. However, this time Shia Silent Majority will no doubt be prominent in Cedar Revolution II as all masks have fallen. Shia are Duo’s primary victims with no one repairing their homes. Election results are a mirage and reflection of arms, indoctrination and oppression not unlke 90% of Iraqi Shia voting for Saddam. As to Michel Aoun, if he & FPM do not support Army’s war against Hizb, his wars against LF will make him a war criminal in addition to being worst president in human history. Still Hizb may give up its arms if it realizes it is next after Gaza & Houthis while Iran’s vulture watching.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 February 2024, 17:08

As a footnote, time will tell if all the leaky dams and cave digging by FPM were not a secret Hizbollah plan to use its useful idiots to create arm hiding places in Christian area when needed. Do Aoun/Bassil/FPM know all the hiding caves Hizbollah has for its arms in Christian/Sunni/Druze areas? If they do they are traitors and enablers of the occupation. If they don't they are Useful Idiots who sold our country and freedom to the Vultures of Tehran for 30 pieces of silver.