Al-Rahi urges Hezbollah to declare instant end of war in south


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Saturday stressed that “the south is the heart of Lebanon and is going through the severest and most difficult suffering.”

In his Easter message, al-Rahi saluted “the southerners who are resilient in their towns and villages under the bombardment” and “all those who lost dear ones, whose homes were destroyed or who were displaced to other regions.”

“The south and its land and people should not be turned into a card used by some to serve the causes and wars of others, seeing as Lebanon and its south are for all Lebanese, who should decide together the future, safety and security of their country, as well as when it fights and for whom it fights,” al-Rahi added.

“We call on the Lebanese to come together in declaring an immediate end of the war without any delay as well as commitment to U.N. resolutions and to sparing the south its plight that is coming from the Israeli killing machine,” the patriarch urged.

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Missing gabriel01 30 March 2024, 17:08

Doesn’t he know that hezb minions only listen to their Iranian Masters like the good little stooges that they are?

Missing rabiosa 31 March 2024, 18:33

Good luck with that.

It's like the politicians and pundits who keep saying the Hizb need to hand it's weapons. As if it's the Hizb decision and they bought these arms. The decision is has and will always be in Tehran.

Cut off the head of the snake if you want it to die. Enough BS.

Missing HellAndWaite 01 April 2024, 15:46

Unless Mikati says otherwise, we are Iran's tools and everyone knows it because they say so openly:
06:57-1 April 2024 AD ـ 22 Ramadan 1445 AH
Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Alireza Tangsiri announced that the Basij’s naval unit will hold on Friday a drill in the “countries of the ‘Axis of Resistance’”.

The IRGC’s Sepah News said the drill will be carried out along the shores of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon on the occasion of Jerusalem Day that Iran marks on the final Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan every year."