Two women killed in Israeli strike on Janata

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Two civilians were killed and at least seven others injured in an Israeli nighttime strike on southern Lebanon, the country's national news agency reported on Friday.

Enemy warplanes launched a raid targeting a three-story house in the town of Janata in the Tyre district, killing a woman, Sally Skaiki, and injuring seven other civilians, the agency said.

Sally Skaiki was a medical auxiliary in the Amal-affiliated al-Risala scout association.

Another woman, Dalal Ezzeddine later died of her wounds, local media said.

Israel vowed Thursday to respond forcefully to all Hezbollah attacks after the Iran-backed group launched rockets and explosive drones across the border for the second successive day in retaliation for the killing of a senior commander.

"Israel will respond with force to all aggressions by Hezbollah," government spokesman David Mencer said during a press briefing, adding that "whether through diplomatic efforts or otherwise, Israel will restore security on our northern border."

The escalation comes as some Israeli leaders have threatened all-out war to silence Hezbollah’s rocket fire, and as the militant group seeks to pressure Israel during the cease-fire negotiations in support of its ally Hamas.

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Zionist terrorist only kill and attack civilians