Sunni Cleric Killed at Akkar Army Checkpoint, Muftis Call General Strike across Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The muftis and clerics of Akkar on Sunday stressed that they will not allow any side to stir a strife between citizens and the military institution and called for a general strike across Lebanon, following the shooting death of Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed at an army checkpoint in the Akkar town of al-Kweikhat.

“We call for a general strike tomorrow across Lebanon and for three days of mourning over the slain sheikh,” said a statement issued by Akkar’s muftis and clerics.

“The department (of Islamic endowment in Akkar), which is known for its support for the state and which has all respect and appreciation for the military institution in all its components, will not allow any side to stir a strife between citizens and the military institution,” said the statement.

“The department of Islamic endowment in Akkar calls for a probe to prevent the recurrence of such an abhorrent act and for slapping the culprits with the severest punishment possible,” added the statement.

The department said Abdul Wahed and his companion were killed at the hands of “those who are supposed to protect people’s lives and security,” describing the incident as a “dangerous precedent.”

It warned of “some extremist members inside the military institution who are harming the military institution through their acts and seeking to create a rift between the military institution and citizens.”

A security official said army troops shot dead Abdul Wahed when his convoy failed to stop at the checkpoint in al-Kweikhat. He told Agence France Presse that another religious figure in Abdul Wahed’s car, Mohammed Hussein Merheb, was also killed.

Mustaqbal bloc MP Khaled al-Daher meanwhile said that army troops deliberately opened fire at the clergyman, reported LBC.

Abdul Wahed was scheduled to make a speech at a rally that was scheduled to be held at Halba in the North. The event has since been called off. The Jamaa Islamiya later issued a statement denying its involvement in the rally.

The Army Command issued a statement saying “state commissioner to the military court Judge Saqr Saqr inspected the shooting scene and the available evidences and started interrogating the members of the army checkpoint to unveil the incident’s circumstances and take the necessary legal measures.”

And following an emergency meeting for Akkar’s lawmakers, the MPs called on President Michel Suleiman, Prime Minister Najib Miqati and the Army Command to “take all the relevant measures against the officers and soldiers who committed this crime.”

“The government bears the moral responsibility for the incident and we demand an instant probe into this crime. Any probe conducted by army personnel is rejected because they are accused of this crime,” said the MPs in a statement recited by Daher.

The lawmakers called on the residents of Akkar and the North to “practice self-restraint in order to prevent civil strife.”

Answering a reporter’s question, Daher said blocking roads by protesters “does not serve the interests of citizens,” adding that efforts were being exerted to reopen all roads.

One of Abdul Wahed’s companions later recounted the details of the shooting to LBC, saying that the vehicle stopped at the checkpoint where some army troops insulted Abdul Wahed, who said that he will no longer be heading to the rally.

He was then prevented from turning the car around and came under fire by the army members, added the clergyman’s companion who was not named.

A security source later told MTV that the army checkpoint in al-Kweikhat came under gunfire and that it was not the first to shoot at Abdul Wahed’s vehicle as had been reported.

PM Miqati immediately ordered the formation of an investigation committee to look into the killing. He also called a broad security meeting that was scheduled to be held at 6:30 pm at the Grand Serail.

Miqati earlier held talks on the matter with Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn and Interior Minister Marwan Charbel. He also contacted Daher, hoping that all sides would cooperate to ensure that calm is restored.

Earlier on Sunday, Daher said no warning shots were fired as the vehicle crossed the checkpoint. He instead revealed that Abdul Wahed was shot in the head and neck, in a clear sign he was deliberately being targeted.

“Why was he attacked?” asked the MP. He accused some members of the army of committing “militia-like practices,” adding that some of them were allegedly keen on serving Syrian interests.

“It’s clear that those supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad are keen on weakening us, but we will not waver in defending Lebanon,” he declared.

“An order was made to kill Abdul Wahed,” he remarked angrily. He continued: “It’s unfortunate that the murder took place at the hands of some army members.”

“We hold the army and its commander responsible for this incident,” he stressed.

“Some members of the army are bent on killing us. Such army violations are taking place in various regions in Lebanon,” he noted.

This is an act that is shameful to the army and the Lebanese people, he went on to say.

Furthermore, Daher accused the government of serving Syrian interests, stating: “This government does not represent the Lebanese people.”

“They are conspiring against us. This government is a Syrian agent and it is seeking to harm Lebanon’s stability,” he continued.

Protesting the incident, angry youths blocked the Halba-Akkar road and most of Tripoli’s roads.

Later, the Army Command announced in a statement the formation of an investigation committee to look into the Abdul Wahed's death.

The Syrian Social National Party had staged a separate rally in Halba on Sunday to commemorate victims of the “Halba massacre” that was committed during the May 7, 2008 clashes.

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Thumb geha 20 May 2012, 12:58

in 1975, the army killed Maaroof Saad in Saida, and that started the civil war then.
today, once more, the civil war is starting again, and in the same manner.
what a waste.....

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:20

Yeslam hal temm FT! la' bass geha (we cannot expect more from this nickname...) seems to hold the truth :) Arrar khaweja khaled el daher enno the army prepared for this murder!!! metel bel case of ba3ba3. Mr Al daher elo 3en to accuse the only institution in leb that is still respected by all parties.... :)

Thumb geha 20 May 2012, 21:44

flash: sources inside the investigation team: this was a premeditated murdor.
they are now trying to know who is behind giving the orders.

Default-user-icon Ed (Guest) 21 May 2012, 00:35

This is a Crime! It is Called a crime when you shoot unarmed men!

Default-user-icon Panish Ment (Guest) 20 May 2012, 13:23

There are many ways to stop a car and even to shoot at a car without killing.

Thumb Bandoul 20 May 2012, 13:49

Wla???? Ya mowaten Irani, are you ever capable of saying the truth about anything? What are members of your Party of the Devil doing in Syria? Spectating as neutral observers??? Ati3a to2ta3ak shou innak khabiss w'sakhif!

Default-user-icon May7 (Guest) 20 May 2012, 14:26

March 8 will investigate and the findings will be it was a UFO

Default-user-icon Takatik (Guest) 20 May 2012, 14:31

I hope they finish them all, starting with the boss of crazies Daher. Don't they miss Big Mafioso Rafic?

Default-user-icon Canadian Paul (Guest) 20 May 2012, 14:39

This is a very dangerous situation. The Shia-Sunni tensions are burning hot from the Gulf to Iraq to Syria, and all the way to Tripoli. Unfortunately, people in Lebanon can't sit on the sidelines for once. They're always more Catholic than the Pope. I'm sorry to say, but you're all idiots for taking sides. Accusing the other of being Qaeda scum or an Iranian agent does what exactly? Feeling better about yourself while your country is burning?

Default-user-icon Yahya (Guest) 20 May 2012, 14:54

"LBC later reported that Residents of Akkar, with the support of MPs from the region, took the decision to block all Akkar roads, kick the army out of the region, and hand security duties to the ISF." Kick the army out? No one can touch the army especially that it was doing its duty to safeguard the country...and that is what this investigation if conducted properly will show!

Default-user-icon Greenie (Guest) 20 May 2012, 15:06

Hey Neon.You didn t say the same when Samer Hanna was executed .Did you?
And yes,politicians in both camps should shut up and keep quiet,They are dragging the country towards a civil war.
And no we do not want hizbolla protecting a regime that slaughtered thousands of lebanese you Flame Traitor.

Default-user-icon Jack (Guest) 20 May 2012, 15:25

Here's a stupid solution.. install video cameras at all checkpoints.

Default-user-icon Bob (Guest) 20 May 2012, 15:27

Go Lebanese Army!! Allah ye7meekoun bhal zourouf el sa3be w ma yrakboulkoun kameen tet2etalo ma3 7adan metel 1975 w 1988... Trekouwoun y2atlo ba3doun erhebiyye b erhebiyye. Khallikoun 3a janab w Good Luck!

Default-user-icon Greenie (Guest) 20 May 2012, 15:35

yes and protect the Syrian Regime who slaughtered thousands of lebanese.
Thank you hizbolla

Default-user-icon Bob (Guest) 20 May 2012, 15:36

Same Like Lebanese Forces who had a real reason for owning weapons to protect Lebanon from Syrians but later had members of some outlaws that ruined their name and official mission and finally handed their arms, Hezbollah who had a real reason for owning weapons to protect Lebanon from Israelis now has members of some outlaws that are ruining their name and official mission and will be finally handing their arms due to this.
But before.... Palestinians will be kicked out of Lebanon. AND LEBANESE WILL LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER

Thumb bobby90 21 May 2012, 17:07

What a head! hopefully what you say...

Default-user-icon Rolfen (Guest) 20 May 2012, 16:02

If a car drives past a checkpoint, you shoot to stop the car, not to kill those inside. At least you try.
Knowing the penetrating power for assault rifles, such things can happen. Yet the damage and death toll is such that it has to raise suspicions.

Missing cedars 20 May 2012, 16:09

Yes Hizbolla are also in Iraq being caught by the Marines and released by the Iraqi government while monitoring the Iranian weapons, they were also caught by the Philipines Government luring them into the Iranian weaponry transfer. The fact is very simple: Weapons + money = brainwash Lebanese. In the end the entire Leb country pays the price of the Israeli jets for a single entity serving the Iranian masterminds.

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:40

Cedars :):):)

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:21

Absolutely tight mowaten! FInally someone a bit wise. Let's wait and see before accusing the army. Iza el zalame m7ammal weapons and didn't want to stop, he should be shot at, regardless who he is. point final!

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:36

Slash needs a brainectomy, he would feel better. Wait for the investigation my friend and then we see :) Take it easy... You believe in justice? Let it be :)

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 19:18

We are the ones who sold our souls to Syrians???? Who the hell helped the Syrians when they attacked Aoun??? The only thing you said that is true is "Syrian dogs" both the government and the people which caused all these conflicts in Lebanon back during the civil war and the conflicts we are reading about in the present. It is the peoples fault that made Lebanon a religion state rather than a diplomatic state, and it's the peoples fault that all these conflicts are happening.

Missing realist 20 May 2012, 19:19

where are the results of the wait-and-see lebanese investigations in the hariri case, sameer, walid, may, wisam 3eed and recently gaegae.. are you joking??. 'point final' lakan.. it is that cheap for you to kill people let alone clergy men. racists like you and mowaten think of others as 3rd class citizens are gona burn this country on top of everyone. It is not 'point final' unfortunately, it is prob a point start.

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:24

Aslab zalame slash. He cannot be objective ma belo ella bel msabbet wel prostitution. The guys give you facts and you make the dead people talk. They can say whatever is convenient for you dear. Just bring one single fact and then we talk :)

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 16:39

I would love to see one single comment from slash without insults. 3ayb wlo, lyom yom el rabb w chahr el Adra :)
You seriously think bashar would need the help of HA? hahaha! Be serious guys, proof read your thoughts before publishing, you would be more credible :)

Default-user-icon grumpy (Guest) 20 May 2012, 16:51

Lebanon is in no need of having an army,it is a broken institution with no functionality,it is costly and yet it serves no purpose,the lebanese army is corrupted to the bone and cannot be salvaged, send them all home !Let us replace this no good institution by creating a brute police force that would carry orders and execute them proudly and efficiently,each police district is fully responsible to its area to implement the law without prejudice whether dealing with a big shot politician or simple Shepperd whose goats ate my cucumbers,lol

Default-user-icon eastema (Guest) 20 May 2012, 17:13

Obviously "someone" is trying to create strife in Lebanon to offer as leverage or barter in this case to save himself. Anyone old enough would remember an eerily similar thing happening in 1986 when sporadic anonymous caused unrest in West Beirut lead to the different groups accusing each others and to the Syrian army reentering West Beirut. It's known as Indirect Strategy, cause a problem and then you offer yourself as the solution. Hafez Assad was a master of this strategy it was used at various time by the Syrian to control Lebanon for thirty years.

Default-user-icon grumpy (Guest) 20 May 2012, 17:14

It appear to be a simple case and responsibility should be determined rather quickly and all responsible should be dealt with swiftly,if not why not send all army home and I mean all without prejudice after all it costing the Lebanese budget a huge amount of money for nothing but more controversy and discord. all we need is a local police force who will handle all citizens needs in that location with fairness and professionalism .

Thumb geha 20 May 2012, 17:23

the stupidity of m8 and their comments while the country is going down head first into civil war is amazing.
it is like these guys have only one wish in life: have a new civil war!
keep it up guys, it seems this is where we are going with your comments and the actions of your masters.
n wonder, stupid masters will have stupid followers: this is the difinition of m8.
all m14 are crying fowl and tying to contain the situation, while m8 are just spilling more oil on the fire.
if it is war that you want, you will be surprised by the outcome....

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 18:40

Geha baby. your spreading early accusations without any foundation on the most respected institution in Lebanon your way to cry fowl and contain the situation?! Calling for a free army also? :)
Please give us a break or read the news on what m14 is doing. Same scenario when harerrz accused syria of killing his father then he backed up like a chicken and said : sorry sorry it was a political accusation ;)

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 18:41

Then peace we agree that their weapons are not such a danger and m14 should focus on other priorities? :) Can you tell this to your friends? Khalleena nrakkiz on what matters?

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 19:34

Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait! we want a new civil war? Are we the ones who are shooting at Alawi neighbourhoods for no reason? Are we the ones who shoot at the Lebanese army? Are we the ones who are disobeying the laws of the Lebanese army? Are we that stupid that we don't stop at an army checkpoint and then get shot to pieces? Get your facts straight before commenting bro.

Missing realist 21 May 2012, 06:35

No you are angels, you pay your bills on time, you dont build illegaly and you dont burn police cars if they show up to enforce the law.. bro lol...and.. you can invade beirut at will, close the country down treat people like 3rd class, not to mention money landry and the army is part of your equation people-army-muqawama.. BRO lol.. you killed r hariri, hid the 4 holly culprits under the nose of the hide the data in the gaegae assasination attempt, and thousands of other examples.. oh and you only sentence fayez karam to two years in jail lol. you have such a racist mentality (if you only listen to urself) and you think you are above everyone get your FACTS STRAIGHT..bro

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 22:39

geha bek you are now burning the country... cos the army probably did their job... You didn't even wait for the investigation

Missing realist 21 May 2012, 06:37

you dont get shot in the head and neck by 'mistake' and not by shooting at a car passing by. I am sorry, that is simple physics.

Missing peace 20 May 2012, 17:35

why don t you wait for more information? some say he stopped at the checkpoint and was shot, others that he didn t stop, others that he was taken in an ambush and that the army had to open fire...

so please, wait for credible info before resorting to insults or accusations! the exact thing M8 and syria are waiting for...

Missing peace 20 May 2012, 18:08

M8 are just waiting for akkar to blow up to accuse them of wanting civil war in lebanon and thus justify the help of the syrian army in akkar...
pro syrian lebanese asked for that recently no? and they belong to M8 ....

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 18:43

meen bi koun fares? m8 partisans were the first people who wanted syria out of leb, right?

Default-user-icon jason (Guest) 20 May 2012, 17:36

Now lets say he was a shia clergy or a christian, what would the reaction be.

Default-user-icon Emily (Guest) 20 May 2012, 18:29

See what a GCC newspaper is talking about us

What a shame! every year when summer is around the corner, our vital tourism industry gets shot right in the heart! Apparently no one, NO ONE, puts our country before their political or sectarian stupid interests! Then everybody starts lamenting about the ever growing debt and the ridiculous income per capita. If there's a country in the world that needs an earthquake is Lebanon to swallow all the rotten parties and institutions!

Default-user-icon Doc (Guest) 20 May 2012, 18:30

saying that the other side (M8) is neutral is total delusion... they are complicit in providing cover and support to the regime

Default-user-icon Emily (Guest) 20 May 2012, 18:38

See what a GCC newspaper is saying about us:
It is really infuriating that every year, when summer is around the corner our poor tourism industry gets shot right in the heart. This reflects the fact that no one, NO ONE, puts our country before their political or sectarian interest. And ironically does who lament about unemployment, inflation, low income, unfair treatment, then go and vote for the same politicians who are the very rotten roots of these problems. If there's a country in the world that needs a major earthquake, that is Lebanon by excellence. We need something to sweep and swallow all our decayed political parties and institutions.

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 19:06

you remember also what aoun always wanted? Did he ever say he was a supporter of syria inside leb?

Missing peace 20 May 2012, 19:26

you remember what aoun always said? that till the assad family rules syria no good will come to lebanon and that it would be impossible to have ties with such a country?

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 19:08

be3tizir slash you are right in everything you say... if this makes you feel better :)
I will never let myself be dragged to your level of ignorance. When you start making sense, I will comment :)

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 19:26

Ya jame3a roo2o, ne7na 7a2 3leina killna. Kill wa7ad ra7 ma3 masla7et diino rather than masla7et watano. But how can you defend the sheikh? If he respected the army, this tragedy wouldn't have occurred.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 20 May 2012, 19:29

"A security official said army troops shot dead Abdul Wahed when his convoy failed to stop at the checkpoint in al-Kweikhat".. This reminds me (of many times) of what the blood thirsty American imperialists did in Iraq and NO US killer was ever punished since the natives have no say in prosecuting the killers. We can not have this happen again in Lebanon. There must be a complete investigation.

The worthless Lebanese Army is only good at firing at fellow Lebanese and Palestinian refugees. It never fired a shot at invading Israeli enemy

Default-user-icon komrade khomeini (Guest) 21 May 2012, 16:52

well put my komrade kawmi john! Down with the Lebanese army and it`s American imperialist supplier, HOORAY to the glorious heroic Syrian army and the pre-Abbas PLO and As Sa3ikah!

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 19:29

Then why didn't he stop? What other reason is there than trying to smuggle weapons?

Thumb jabal10452 20 May 2012, 19:31

Yalla... Everybody is playing with us like they always did and we seem to be willing game. The situation in Syria is changing. The Saudis and Qataris are now more important to the Syrian opposition than the West since the Russian veto. So now the bedouins are using the Lebanese Sunnis to directly assist the Syrian opposition and the Iranians and Baathis are Using the Shia to try to stop the Sunnis. Everything is happening in our country and the best we can do is hurl insults on each other. And the Christians... Alla yese3edon: sandwiched, divided and powerless. Ya jamé3a let the Syrians sort their problems out and let's stay out of it. Don't we have enough problems already?

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 19:41

Jabal is right, but believe me nothing will happen to the Christians, since they are split in half, neither the Sunni nor the Shia will attack the Christians and gain another enemy.

Default-user-icon Truedemocracy (Guest) 20 May 2012, 21:09

I couldn't agree with you more.

We have a beautiful country and we are risking it all for others. It's getting out of hand.

I hope that we can stay out of the Syrian problem and stick together as Lebanese, and not by religious or political sects.

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 21:29

3akkari go burn tires byelba'lak, leave serious talks to adults

Missing 3akkari 20 May 2012, 22:49

Long before the first tire burned in 3akkar, it had been burning for ages in the shiite slums. Now go worship an iranian majoosi shiite shrine and leave serious talks to adults.

Missing realist 20 May 2012, 22:17

you mean the same army who watched hizbustan invade beirut on May 7th? the army who is just shater on one 3rd class citizens while a whole militia controls lebanon

Missing realist 21 May 2012, 06:30

@ reformist, did you see me cussing the army?? why are you cussing. This is a free country and i can opine about the army all i want. And yes the army is only shater at invading majdel anjar, arresting 3rd class citizens, and what about the 4 culprits who are wanted by the WORLD for a terrorist act in beirut?? I am saying opressed people can not be passive with the army's impotence and clear sliding with hizbustan. Remember reformist that the suni community gave the army the political cover for success in naher bared. This is a golden chance for the army to prove me wrong and i hope i am wrong.

Default-user-icon George (Guest) 20 May 2012, 22:33

I read all these comments and my conclusion, I miss my beloved country Lebanon, but i don't miss it's people, you guys are amazingly destructive,all of you,Lebanese people can coexist only BLMAHJAR,Wbi Lebnen Never,you guys made me give up hope on all of you......

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 22:34

mannak 3am twalli3 dwelib? Please! byelba'lak!

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 22:36

ya albe this is the only institution that is kind of trustworthy! They lack capabilities? Big time?! Bass from here to say let's irradicate the army? :) please a bit of non sense. ok ok it's something you don't have. You are a frustrated moujahid... go burn tires bass ntebeh ma te7ro' asabee3ak kiddo

Missing reformist 20 May 2012, 22:39

realist is turning this into muslim christian fight... bravo

Missing realist 21 May 2012, 06:31

dont worry, if a christian is an LF he can be screwed too, this is lebanon 1st and 3rd class citizens.

Default-user-icon Jade (Guest) 20 May 2012, 22:42

and thus here we have it, M8 on one side and M14 on the other talking trash, like anyone here on this comment list knows any of the facts to anything that is happening or has happened in Lebanon, half truths and hidden conspiracies that all boil down to who is making the most money out this situation and who has the most to gain. that all what the Lebanese are good for talk talk talk and any of you who thinks they know whats what, feels more superior that the others, like any of you can even be productive within the confines of your own home, work or society, instead you wasting your energy with this... what a loss

Default-user-icon Matteroffact (Guest) 20 May 2012, 22:57

All sides have committed wrongdoings. All those who care for Lebanon should mourn the loss of any soul from civil strife. Now is the time for men to behave like men. Love their neighbors as they love themselves, forgive, and keep trying to keep a stable Lebanon. Let not one child relive the dark experiences of their fathers. God bless All Lebanese and bring peace to their hearts.

Thumb anonymouslb 20 May 2012, 23:45

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero,
and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.
Pity the nation that raises not its voice
save when it walks in a funeral,
boasts not except among its ruins,
and will rebel not save when its neck is laid
between the sword and the block.
Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox,
whose philosopher is a juggler,
and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.
Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting,
and farewells him with hooting,
only to welcome another with trumpeting again.
Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years
and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.
Pity the nation divided into into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation

Khalil Gebran

Thumb anonymouslb 21 May 2012, 00:01

Or how will you tell your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye;’ and behold, the beam is in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Matthew 7 , 4-5

Default-user-icon Emile (Guest) 21 May 2012, 00:38

Trespassers should be shot..
I salute the army..

Thumb Abubakr 21 May 2012, 01:35

I dont recall the existence of the army , when Hezbushaiitan invaded Rafik Hariri airport and protected the notorious fugitive Jamil Sayed , i dont recall them stopping on the airport check point and none of their had papers number other than weapons with each body guard who were about 20-30

Thumb anonymouslb 21 May 2012, 03:20

And all of this happens 24 hours after Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE ask for their citizens out of Lebanon... strange coincidence...

Default-user-icon Coincidence (Guest) 21 May 2012, 04:07

Coincidence?? May 12, 2012 Tripoli trouble begin, May 16, 2012 Ahmad Jibreel visits Nasrallah, May 19, 2012 Nasrallah meets with representative of Iran's supreme leader. the clarion call has gone out assad's in trouble!!! DO SOMETHING!!!

Default-user-icon Annoniem (Guest) 21 May 2012, 04:41

Obviously Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE killed Abdul Wahed and Merheb you cracked the case genius!

Thumb kanaandian 21 May 2012, 03:38

Was this guy with the Jamaa Islamiyya?

Thumb kanaandian 21 May 2012, 03:40

and you ya Bakri would make a fine Taliban.

Thumb geha 21 May 2012, 09:00

reports from inside the investigation tem confirm it was a murdor. they are cornering the one who is behind it now and most probably we will hear about a "suicide" in the army soon.
by the way, as expected, the officer is shia.....

Default-user-icon baa (Guest) 21 May 2012, 10:59

ya reformist , the army is no longer respected by all parties, haida hake, in fact it's disrespected by most parties.

Thumb Abubakr 21 May 2012, 11:16

You guys remember how Hezb el shaitain shot down the Helicopter , yalla min hoone

Default-user-icon Sam (Guest) 21 May 2012, 11:48

ألم نتعظ بعد كل هذا ... وهل تعلمون بأن العدو الإسرائيلي يرقص فرحاً وإبتهاجاً لما يحصل هو أكبر خدمة نقدمها الآن لهم ... يجب علينا أن نحمي أنفسنا ووطننا بدل عرض العضلات على بعضنا البعض ونعطي إنتباهنا وذكائنا ونستفيق لما يحاك ... هناك أعداء كثر وليس إسرائيل فقط والسلام

Default-user-icon †he Lebanese (Guest) 22 May 2012, 17:05

Lebanon has always been the playing field for double agents to settle other countries wars and a pressure relief safety valve to alleviate the stress on other regional countries fracture points. This is only possible in Lebanon because there is not a definite majority in Lebanon any more. And there was not a clear winner of the 75-90 wars. Education with no strings is the only salvation.

Default-user-icon Julia (Guest) 31 July 2012, 16:34

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