Confessions of Informer in Samaha’s Case Published

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Joumhouria newspaper published on Monday the transcript of confessions of the informer in the case of ex-Minister Michel Samaha.

According to the daily the informer headed to the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Branch in July, saying that he has obtained “very dangerous information he would like to make.”

ISF Intelligence Branch head Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan questioned the informer who confessed to having a close relation with Samaha, who told him to meet him at his residence in the northern Metn town of Jwar al-Khensahara.

The report said that Samaha asked the informer to do a favor for head of the Syrian National Security Bureau Ali al-Mamlouk.

The informer confessed that he was demanded to carry out bombings in the northern province of Akkar at the behest of Mamlouk, pointing out that the latter was ready to provide him with all the necessary logistic and financial requirements.

Media reports said that the man behind reporting Samaha was Milad Kfouri, who also used several aliases.

Samaha and Mamlouk were charged earlier this month with plotting to target Lebanon as Samaha was accused of possessing and transporting several explosive devices from Syria.

The informer told Samaha that he will consider his proposal, however, he decided to head to the ISF intelligence branch and inform them about the plot targeting Lebanon.

According to the transcript of confessions, the informer said that another meeting was scheduled to be held with Samaha on July 21 in his residence in Ashrafiyeh.

The informer was equipped with a secret camera and recording machine to document the meeting. The two also held meetings on August 1 and 7, where they decided on their targets.

The daily noted that all the meetings between the informer and Samaha were recorded and documented.

Samaha told the informer that only four people know about the plot “the president, Ali, me and you.”

Al-Joumhouria published the complete dialogue that the informer and Samaha held during their consecutive meetings.

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Missing lqu7 27 August 2012, 12:54

These leaks are illegal and place extreme doubt on the case.

Missing mohammad_ca 27 August 2012, 14:54

explain how leaks place doubts? leaks are illegal, yes, but place doubts? no..evidence is evidence whether it's leaked or not.

Thumb dasphinx 27 August 2012, 20:19

Just like the mokhtar not being present when they captured the white collar criminal? Doubt if Samaha escapes this one unless Hezb forces invade the prison.

Default-user-icon Alexander (Guest) 27 August 2012, 13:55

What are some trying to say? That it is a big comedy mounted to involve a Syrian agent in order to tarnish the reputation of Mach 8? Are we doubting the findings related to the explosives and the major role of Samaha in this issue? Of course there are leaks but this is due to the fragility of the judicial system and to the involvement of heteregeneous persons. It reminds me the Antelias bombing, when the case was closed after "prooving" that it was a personal issue... For once we knew the identity of the criminals and we lost or chance; and here too we are on the same path.

Missing abraham 27 August 2012, 13:57

When does any prosecutor give out any confessions of any informants before a trial that hasn't even started
Hello Set-up

Missing mohammad_ca 27 August 2012, 14:52

in a highly organized country such a lebanon (sarcasm) it is very easy to get ya ghabi, there's something called VIDEO RECORDING, I am not sure if you have heard of cannot dispute it, unless, of course, you ascribe to the school of thought called ASSad's regime and you think that everything that happens in the world is being acted out in a hollywood style studtion in qatar....ghabi!

Default-user-icon mfawaz (Guest) 27 August 2012, 15:24

shut up majd you syrian idiot! that's what hassin told raad when he said set-up!

Thumb Bandoul 27 August 2012, 17:34

When the prosecutor knows beforehand that the trial will be a theater and a complete farce or he knows the case will never go to trial and the accused will get away with his crimes on stupid technicalities or some other mambo jumbo! This is Lebanon, the land warlords and thugs who feel they are above justice. This guy is as guilty as sin but I doubt he will pay the price for his treason.

Missing sikoflebanon 27 August 2012, 18:48

when you ask?
when the government is ran by the perpetrator
when the minister of justice is in league with the terrorists
when you have an armed terrorist group that can free the culprit by force
when there are people like you to doubt such evident truth
Set-up huh?
You should be in a cell with your friend Samaha because after reading all this, only accomplices still have a doubt of what was being prepared.

Thumb liefighter 27 August 2012, 20:33

this trial may not start in a country like lebanon,that is why we set up the international court,but the facts are clear

Thumb liefighter 27 August 2012, 20:33

this trial may not start in a country like lebanon,that is why we set up the international court,but the facts are clear

Thumb benzona 27 August 2012, 16:25

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes...

Thumb Bandoul 27 August 2012, 17:35

LOL, you first!

Thumb benzona 27 August 2012, 22:27

I was sayin' this for Samaha and Mamlouk. they're so screwed!

Default-user-icon August (Guest) 27 August 2012, 17:25

Unfortunately, when some powerful parties are working day and night to discredit the case against Samaha, make all evidence disappear or distort it at the least, and annule the case so that information does not go public, and when these powerful parties have effective dark means of achieving their objectives in Lebanon, leaking information to the media becomes a counter-measure to prevent these parties from further blackmailing the judicial system and deceiving the public. Whether the information leaked stands, it is up to the public to view it and decide; at least the public is able to...

Default-user-icon wataneh (Guest) 27 August 2012, 18:03

goodbye mr. samaha. u were, are and will remain a puppy dog for the syrians who dont give a damn about u. traitor, and i hope to c all the prosyrian politicians in ur cell! hope ure enjoying pooping in jail!

Default-user-icon same on this syrian-lebanese (Guest) 27 August 2012, 20:30

after reading this(read carefully)....sane patriotic people of any background should sign a petition to have the Syrian ambassador leave Lebanon...(as a start)..MPs should ask the people who elected them to sign this petition...and the Parliament should this something constitutional in our country or dare someone say it isnt?