Tyre Citizens Lose Eight Mn. Dollars to Fraud

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several investors in the southern city of Tyre have reportedly become victims of embezzlement, radio Voice of Lebanon said on Thursday.

"Saleh Basma and Chawqy Arab pretended to be businessmen and cheated their victims into depositing $8 million,” VDL explained, adding that the depositors thought their money will be invested.

The two thieves have reportedly fled the country around a week ago.

In 2009, Lebanese authorities charged the 47-year-old mogul Salah Ezzedine and his business partner, Youssef Faour, with fraud, embezzlement, distributing bounced cheques and violating Lebanese fiscal law.

Ezzedine, who allegedly had ties with Hizbullah, has squandered more than one billion dollars (688 million euros) of his clients' money, mainly Shiites from southern Lebanon.

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah insisted at the time that Ezzedine is not linked to the group but acknowledged that some party officials had invested money with him.

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Missing justlebanese 13 December 2012, 19:26

and the scandles continue.......yet to come

Thumb Marc 13 December 2012, 19:57

Question is, where did they go? Put their pictures up so we can identify them if we see them . . . This of us who live abroad

Default-user-icon Greenie (Guest) 13 December 2012, 20:13

Ya Asfal el nass,Aghba el nass A7kar el nass

Thumb shab 13 December 2012, 20:59

fithy filthy militia screwing their own

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:05

actually, these people worked with lebanese and not with your filthy genocidal zionist militia.

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 13 December 2012, 21:07

they have to get money from somewhere - Iran is having economic meltdown right now!

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:05

yes keep dreaming about iran's economic meltdown...lol...hilarious.

Thumb lebanon_first 13 December 2012, 22:01

now these are guys interpol should look for. Not Saad.

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:06

the filthy zionist scum trash and filth, pretending to be lebanese, is giving orders to interpol.

Missing chouf5 13 December 2012, 23:07

Easy come easy go .

Thumb andre.jabbour 14 December 2012, 01:12

always hizballa

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:07

yes always...you can't get rid of our patriotic resistance...no matter how much trash you spill over here

Thumb freelebanon 14 December 2012, 21:06

Are you mentally retarded jabel? Or do you just feel like repeating the same thing over and over again as if that wouldnt make you insane

Thumb thepatriot 14 December 2012, 15:55

yeah right mowaten, hezbollah is a clean organisation that is not involved in drugs, killing, dirty money, and kidnapping....rrrrright! :)

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:07

the filthy zionist scum talks about clean organizations.

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 14 December 2012, 16:49

...Ezzedine, who allegedly had ties with Hizbullah...

+ the fneish scandal/filth + all other holy war scandals...are always, somehow, linked to hizbala...Soon, their end (militarily AND politically) is certain...

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:06

the filthy zionist is happy, while deep inside he is crying because he know his version of "truth" is totaly false

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 17:07

thr filthy zionist scum wanted to say something.

Missing allouchi 14 December 2012, 17:45

The Hizballa scum keep robbing their our Shia community...hang up that turban ya nousrala and wear a $2000 like the Mafioso that you are...

Missing allouchi 14 December 2012, 19:44

$2000 suit :)

Thumb freelebanon 14 December 2012, 21:10

Every argument has to turn into a m8 vs. M14. Well on behalf of anyone else who believes that both parties should be jailed or sent back to thier owners, i say put out an international search warrant for this guy and get our southern countrymen their money back.