Key Tripoli Figures United Against Security, Economic Deterioration

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Key figures in the northern city of Tripoli agreed on Thursday to take a series of measures to improve political, economic and social conditions, Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati announced.

“We formed a follow-up committee to execute the decisions taken” at the meeting that was held at the residence of MP Mohammed Kabbara, Miqati said.

In addition to them, the meeting was attended by Caretaker Ministers Mohammed al-Safadi and Ahmed Karami, and lawmakers Samir al-Jisr, Badr Wannous, Robert Fadel and Ahmed al-Safadi.

The National News Agency said Caretaker Minister Faisal Karami apologized for not attending the meeting over prior commitments to the conference of the Arab youth and sports ministers in Beirut.

“We discussed the security and economic situation in Tripoli and decided to take a series of measures, which we will keep confidential for the time being to prove that they are efficient and will reflect positively on the general conditions” in the city, Miqati said.

The committee that was formed by the conferees will hold open-ended meetings, he told reporters.

“The city's lawmakers … urge security agencies to stop the neglect throughout the city and arrest all those tampering with security,” Miqati said.

Kabbara echoed similar remarks and said the security chaos was reflecting negatively on the economic situation in the city.

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Default-user-icon Shombard Kavatal (Guest) 25 April 2013, 15:40

Why the rush? Time is a plenty! Rafic Syria screwed them, then his brilliant son cheikh Saad al-Haribi Telteyn al-Marajil did the same and now Miqati, aka the toul bala ghalleh, and the other figures of fart from Tripoli. Hey Tripolitans, keep electing the same garbage in order for them to keep feeding it back to you. But then what's the big deal? It's all filth feeding the filthier than the filthiest filth?

Default-user-icon Trinfon Zulgaity (Guest) 25 April 2013, 19:24

These Sunnis must have such a permeating stink that they seem to be having the time of their lives working on helping out ahl al Sanni.

Thumb banima3roof 25 April 2013, 21:55

crooks will always mate with each other behind closed doors