Mustaqbal, PSP, Independents, Miqati to Boycott Parliament Session as Orthodox Proposal Only Item on Agenda

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several parliamentary blocs announced on Monday that they will boycott the parliamentary session on May 15 as the parliament's general-secretariat placed only the so-called Orthodox Gathering proposal on the agenda of legislative rounds set to begin this week.

"Al Mustaqbal bloc, the National Struggle Front, caretaker premier Miqati and independent MPs will boycott the parliamentary session dedicated to discuss the Orthodox draft on May 15," Future television reported.

MTV noted earlier that al-Mustaqbal and the Progressive Socialist Party's blocs will not attend Wednesday's session.

The parliament's bureau met in Ain el-Tineh on Monday to agree on the agenda of the sessions that Speaker Nabih Berri has called for starting Wednesday to approve a new electoral draft-law.

But Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said that the members of the bureau agreed not to make any statement, a sign they hadn't reached consensus on the agenda of the sessions.

An Nahar daily said that the bureau's members were divided between those seeking to put on the agenda only electoral draft-laws - among them is Berri - and the other team backed by al-Mustaqbal bloc that wants the sessions to include other proposals and draft-laws as well.

The first session will be held on Wednesday. Berri has been quoted as saying that he would allow MPs to discuss several electoral proposals before calling for a vote on the so-called Orthodox Gathering plan which divides Lebanon into a single district and allows each sect to vote for its own lawmakers under a proportional representation system.

The draft-law has been approved by the joint parliamentary committees despite the objection of al-Mustaqbal, the centrist National Struggle Front of MP Walid Jumblat and March 14 alliance's independent Christian lawmakers.

But two days before the start of the sessions, the rival parties hadn't yet reached consensus on a hybrid proposal which was the latest plan being discussed by the different blocs as an alternative to the Orthodox plan.

It aimed at appeasing all sides by including the proportional representation and winner-takes-all systems.

A Lebanese Forces official, who was not identified told An Nahar, that the LF was waiting for the answers of the different parties on the hybrid proposal.

Parliamentary sources however ruled out any agreement on a vote law.

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Default-user-icon True Leb (Guest) 13 May 2013, 15:32

Let us see of the Kataeb and Lebanese Forces are men (rjel) or mere shadows of men (ashbeh rjel) and see if they lose another opportunity to save Lebanon as a whole and the Christians in particular by voting for it like they did in the joint comittee.

Missing 13 May 2013, 18:39

Good question ... However all what they are calling for is a boycott and then to appeal any law - legally. All legal and civilized. What doe March 8 offers? Threats and real violance !!!

Default-user-icon Truedemocracy (Guest) 13 May 2013, 19:36

Because they don't want to be held responsible.

There are many people who don't want to be seen as voting against something. How stupid. They just don't have the jewels.

So much easier running away from something than facing it.

Default-user-icon Vulcan (Guest) 14 May 2013, 01:58

what say the Christian M14 who are with the Orthodox law about their new found allies, hizballa and Amal. what gives?! you dont mind the iranian influence now?!!!

Missing salwahkalb 14 May 2013, 02:14

once again decided to creat what we can all agree on as a dire situation to impede on a resolution to all our problems in Liban. Liban is doomed with Al Mustahbal currently taking charge and leading the way as an example for their ignorant uneducated clowns like those who follow Shikko Assir aroung and sniffing his ars ass most dogs go around doing to each other to make sure they are of the same tribe.