Central Bank to Investigate Status of 135 Suspected of Links to al-Madina Bank

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi handed over on Monday to the Central Bank's Special Investigation Commission a preliminary list of the names of several people to monitor and probe if they have links to the al-Madina Bank scandal.

According to the state-run National News Agency, the commission received the names of 135 people that might have connections to the fraud case at al-Madina and money laundering.

The names on the list will be thoroughly investigated, according to the news agency.

An experts committee, tasked with probing the fraud case at al-Madina, handed to Judge Madi in April a report that includes the names of 411 suspects that received suspicious funds from the bank.

The committee was formed when the bank's millions of dollars of fraud erupted in 2003 to investigate money laundering.

Judge Madi tasked in February the committee to probe the amount and the reasons of the payments made.

Rana Koleilat, who was accused of playing a key role in the fraud case at al-Madina Bank, revealed in February that she will hand over to authorities the names of her accomplices.

During 12 years at the private al-Madina bank, Koleilat rose from clerk to executive.

It was an era in which Syria dominated Lebanon and when paying off Syrian intelligence agents and providing gifts to powerful politicians was common.

Koleilat was at the center of the scandal that engulfed al-Madina when the Central Bank announced in July 2003 that it had detected a cash deficit at the bank of more than euro 250 million, along with other irregularities.

Other suspects in the case include Adnan Abu Ayash and his brother Ibrahim.

Reports have said that the amount missing from the two banks could total as much as euro 1.0 billion.

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Missing helicopter 13 May 2013, 15:13

“Whoever challenges me will lose and those who agree with me will win,” the speaker added.......... It took over 9 years for the fear factor to subside enough to pursue the investigation. The Syrian occupation corrupted and bankrupted Lebanon (along with murdered anti-Syrian politicians). Yet the post-occupation Lebanon has 2 camps, the anit-syrian camp that got assassinated into submission and the "thank-you-syria" camp that practices the fear technique of its protege.

Missing helicopter 13 May 2013, 15:16

It was an era in which Syria dominated Lebanon and when paying off Syrian intelligence agents and providing gifts to powerful politicians was common..........
Sorry this is the statement I meant to copy and paste, but the above statement by Mr. Berri and thousands like it by Mr. Nasrallah prove my last point about intimidating those in the other camp.
The Syrian connection to the Madina Bank scandal goes as high as the Assads and Makhloufs of Syria (based on many articles I read about the subject).

Thumb geha 13 May 2013, 16:30

actually one side is polarizing using sectarian rhetoric, as well as murders and intimidations.
the other is trying to have a country back.
your traitor aoun by putting himself under the orders of hizbushaitan and the Syrian regime is giving them cover to continue messing up our country, and diminish whatever is left for CHRISTIANS TO THE BENEFIT OF SHIA.

Thumb primesuspect 14 May 2013, 00:13

I don't get why the central bank is doing the investigation. The judicial should investigate and request the cooperation of the central bank.