Mustaqbal Bloc Urges Suleiman, Berri, Miqati to Stop 'Hizbullah's Crimes' in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc urged the three presidents on Tuesday to act quickly and draw an end to "Hizbullah's crimes in Syria," considering that the party is implementing the instructions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

"We call on President Michel Suleiman, Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati and Speaker Nabih Berri to act quickly to stop Hizubllah's involvement in killing Syrians in (the Syrian border town of) al-Qusayr,” the lawmakers said in a released statement after the bloc's weekly meeting at the Center House.

It added: “Hizbullah's involvement in Syria's war is a crime and the party is implementing the instructions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.”

Addressing Hizbullah's fighters, al-Mustaqbal bloc asked: "What are you doing in al-Qusayr? Did the battle against the enemy relocate to Syria? Why involving Lebanon in conflicts through inciting sedition? Why are they putting the Lebanese in a confrontation against the Arab world and the Syrian people?”

"We urge the civil society and institutions and the Lebanese youth to raise their voices and demand the return of the fighters alive from al-Qusayr."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed on Tuesday that at least 31 Hizbullah fighters have been killed since Sunday in battles in Syria, as well as 68 rebel fighters.

Al-Arabiya satellite news channel had reported that around 20 Hizbullah fighters and 62 others wounded in battles in Qusayr were submitted to hospitals in Beirut.

Hizbullah's al-Manar broadcasted images showing hundreds of people attending funerals for five members killed "carrying out their jihadist duty.”

It did not, however, specify where they had been killed.

Hizbullah is a close ally of the Damascus regime, and its fighters have been battling alongside the army in the Qusayr area for weeks, according to activists.

Commenting on the parliamentary elections, the al-Mustaqbal bloc stressed that it needs to be held “as soon as possible,” explaining that this “would restore trust in the constitutional institutions, especially after the mandate of the parliament is over.”

"We still back the hybrid draft electoral law that we came forward with along with the Lebanese Forces and National Struggle Front blocs to be voted on at the parliament,” the lawmakers said.

“Not agreeing on an electoral law opens the door to an unacceptable state of vacuum in the constitutional institutions, particularly in the legislative authority.”

In its eighth round of talks, the parliamentary electoral subcommittee failed again on Monday to reach an agreement over a new electoral law as Berri did not set a date for a new session.

This failure has raised fears that of a political vacuum in Lebanon or that the parliamentary elections will be held according to the 1960 law or that the term of the current parliament will be extended.

The MPs also tackled the latest clashes that erupted in the northern city of Tripoli, considering that they serve in distracting the attention from the “crimes committed by Hizbullah in Syria.”

“We rejects all attacks against the army and we call for penalizing all perpetrators.”

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Thumb primesuspect 21 May 2013, 18:53

Time to lock the border and to shoot everyone crossing the border. Tehran is the other way around anyway.

Missing 21 May 2013, 19:14

When Israel unleached criminal in 1996, the resistance of Hizbollah was an inspiration for almost all Lebanese. I took couple of weeks off my work to organize demonstrations, events and media campaigns in Vancouver with a VERY small group of dedicated people from all sects. When liberation happened in 2000, I had a party and the Moqawama was for us untouchable. In 2006, I took almost a month and a half to help organize against the Israeli slaughter. We had a much larger team of Lebanese (from all sects) and non-Lebanese working with us.

Missing 21 May 2013, 19:14

The 2007 invasion of Beirut and the mountain was the start of the disillusionment but we made excuses. With the 2008 threat to invade Beirut again, it was no longer possible to ignore the dangers of the Hizb but we still appreciated its sacrifices. With the Al-Qusayr and its invasion in direct support of a monstrous regime and the mortal threats it is bringing upon Lebanon (nothing to say about its threats against the formation of a government without its consent0, it is no longer possible to ignore the Hizb for what it is: A ruthless sectarian militia answerable to a foreign power and whose loyalty is to Wilayat Al-Faqih, its supreme leader. It is no longer possible to accept the Hizb arms.

Thumb geha 21 May 2013, 20:11

I believe that Jabal Mohsen will be wiped out soon.
I do not say that because I am against these guys(after all they are Lebanese) but it is a clear reply message to hizbushaitan and assad.

Thumb justice 21 May 2013, 21:45

There are statistics in the Ministry of Interior that indicate more than 15,000 alawis were given Lebanese ID's during the syrian occupation of Lebanon.

Missing helicopter 22 May 2013, 04:37

This is what I said in an earlier post few days ago but bigjohn said it is not so.

Default-user-icon DCNZogh (Guest) 21 May 2013, 21:04

Let's urge Suleiman, Berri and Miqati to stop 'Hizbullah's Crimes' in Syria but only if they stop the real crimes being perpetuated by the Mustaqbal Bloc in Syria at the same time.

Default-user-icon Quanshoval Bizarkout (Guest) 21 May 2013, 23:47

Ouf! And you call this new news? Shouldn't the new news be the materialization of one of your 6,914 predictions that the "ASSad" regime shall collapse on Wednesday? Hey, by the way, tomorrow is Wednesday! What a coincidence you lucky dude and little devil!

Missing dddd 22 May 2013, 12:25

Mustaqbal! why you ask of Mr.Sleiman,Mikati,Berri to do something U have never done when ure bloc rules for 20yrs or so... U and the people u are asking of and every ruler present or past are the slaves of Assad regime.