Four Wounded in Rocket Attack on Beirut's Southern Suburbs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Four people were wounded on Sunday morning in a rocket attack on Beirut's southern suburbs.

The Lebanese army said in a statement that a rocket was fired at a car dealership near the Mar Mikhael church and another landed in the Maroun Misk neighborhood.

The army has since cordoned off the area and investigations are underway to determine the type of rockets that were fired and who is behind the attack.

LBCI television reported earlier that the wounded are Syrian laborers who have all been transferred to hospital to treat their light injuries.

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel soon arrived at the scene, saying that the attack was aimed at creating tensions in Lebanon.

He revealed that the rockets were fired from the east of the area.

“Lebanon cannot support more tensions and I hope all sides would realize this,” he stressed.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said that a 107-mm Grad rocket was fired a car dealership in Shiyyah and another landed on a nearby balcony, but a military expert disputed this issue to LBCI.

Meanwhile, State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr has tasked the military police to investigate the Shiyyah blasts, reported LBCI.

OTV and LBCI later reported that a rocket launcher was discovered in a forestland located between Bsaba and Aitat in Mount Lebanon from where the shells were likely fired at Shiyyah.

The army has since cordoned off the region between Aitat and Bsaba.

LBCI said that three rocket launchers were discovered in the area, predicting that a third rocket was possibly going to fired.

The National News Agency later said that the security forces were searching for a third rocket that had indeed been fired, but did not explode.

Security sources later told al-Manar television that the third rocket was found in a valley southeast of Beirut.

Comments 37
Thumb condor 26 May 2013, 08:03

Well, there you go Nassrallah. You got the reply.....

Missing peace 26 May 2013, 18:54

yes and where? at the limit of christian chia neighborhoods , aimed at frightening christians too! LOL
and why didn t they fire yesterday when all hezbi supporters were in the streets firing in the air if they really wanted to kill people?

Thumb LebDinosaur 26 May 2013, 08:10

Dahieh is infested with Hezb arms. What a joke.

Thumb turmos 26 May 2013, 08:14

I don't think history has seen arrogance remotely equal to that being exhibited by Nassrallah. Even Hitler was more subtle and humble. This criminal openly promises victory in Syria where he is committing "sectarian" cleansing, burning houses, and turning entire villages into rubble, and he expects no retaliation?! He single handedly dragged Lebanon into the abyss.

Thumb benzona 26 May 2013, 15:24

allahu akbar ;-) T'as raison, c'est un criminel reckless.

Default-user-icon Nonsensical (Guest) 26 May 2013, 08:26

The battle for Beirut has begun.

Default-user-icon US (Guest) 26 May 2013, 08:54

Wow! Judging by the comments, it looks like Israel's Water Army are out in full force today ... almost makes you wonder who staged this attack ...

Missing baba_oreily 26 May 2013, 09:07

I love Lebanon, so it pains me to say this...but we Lebanese deserve everything we're going to get...and we're going to get some really bad things happening to us. Worse than we've ever seen before.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 26 May 2013, 09:09

Good job Hizb Allah get us involved in other people's revolutions.

Default-user-icon Michel (Guest) 26 May 2013, 09:15

Partition... Let the Feb 14 supporters share their country with the takfiris

Default-user-icon Dimyl452 (Guest) 26 May 2013, 09:23

i find it odd that the "men in black" did not cordoned off the area themselves...looks fishy...perhaps to guarantee the extension of the parliament's term.
Also the launch area of the two rockets does not mean anything since these kind of rockets are easily carried in a trunk of a car and launched with ease.

Thumb phoenician 26 May 2013, 09:26

Partition is the answer.

Missing -karim_m1 26 May 2013, 10:09

Exactly, read my above comment. Would you want to live with people who want to literally eat your heart?

Thumb geha 26 May 2013, 10:18

for once you are right karim: who would want to live with the antichrist nasrallah?
but no for partition and in spite of the antichrist, we will recover our country.

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 14:58

karim, what is all this issue about sunnis that you are treating them as wahabis. this wahabis issue is there to justify the wilayet al fakih and christians are divided either with the shia or the sunnis. But common, except a few fanatics, sunnis are no wahabis or takfiris. If you listen to what m14 say on and on, sunnis wants a strong multi confessional country. they are not holding weapons, they are not occupying christians land, etc....

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 15:15


the past year who was the victim of whom? christians and sunni leaders who are against syria and iran hegemony in lebanon were killed or gone in exile. The Sunnis that you are develizing in Lebanon have not attacked neither christians nor shia. Please also remember that it was an M14 government led by Saniora that fought the sunni extremist in nahr al bared camp while hassan said that the camp was a red line.

Thumb Chupachups 26 May 2013, 09:27

And Sunni Shia war in Lebanon starts in..3..2.1...

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 15:17

it could just as well but the sunnis have no weapons except the few salafist in tripoli. We may expect that sunnis salafist in syria may come into lebanon to fight ha just as ha is fighting in syria. those are bleak and dangerous days. god help.

Thumb Dimyl452 26 May 2013, 09:30

i find it odd that the "men in black" did not cordoned off the area themselves...looks fishy...perhaps it's to guarantee the extension of the parliament's term.
Also the area where the rockets have been launched tells nothing since these kind of rockets can easily be carried in a trunk of a car and fired with ease.

Default-user-icon Nonsensical (Guest) 26 May 2013, 09:38

One day we can all look back and say it all started with Nasrallah's liberation day speech. Similar to the bus incident in Ain Al-Rummaneh.

Missing maroun 26 May 2013, 10:42

sounds like the attempted assassination of the demented general..fabricated..

Missing 11-11 26 May 2013, 10:55

Nasrallah did tell the Syrian rebels to restrict the fight to Syrian and they would never dare to disobey the Sayyed. Most likely just another argument between car dealers.

Default-user-icon Idiots (Guest) 26 May 2013, 11:00

The Fsa will target christians in Lebanon as 'kuffars' you idiots, support the freedom fighters or you will be next has the civil war taught you NoTHiNG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thumb mobious125 26 May 2013, 11:41

Dimyl452 has an excellent point! No men in black to stop the authorities, I find this very very strange.

Thumb mobious125 26 May 2013, 11:41

Dimyl452 has an excellent point! No men in black to stop the authorities, I find this very very strange.

Missing peace 26 May 2013, 11:47

LOL!!! what a nice make up... hezbi fire rockets on a car park a sunday morning to make sure no one get killed just to justify nassy s speech on the evil salafis! LOL

they fool no one with their little self victimization....

Missing maroun 26 May 2013, 13:45

no josh is your kind that do that ...trying to help the Syrian regime at the expense of Lebanon..

Default-user-icon Jack (Guest) 26 May 2013, 14:48

Look on the bright side people. Those rockets could of contained chemical weapons. Anyway ,it's difficult to speculate who was behind it as many would like to see Lebanon at war with itself (especially the Syrian regime).

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 14:52

The issue is that HA and co are refusing the disarmament of all pro syrian militias in lebanon, the alawits, fplp, tawhid, and last but not least ha.

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 15:03

Come on josh this is stupid from yourself to make such comments. Maybe it is true, and maybe it is wrong. You cannot let your fear transform you into a hatred freak. Before you make accusation you should have strong facts. Learning from history, we all know how much the Syrian have created strife in Lebanon. In 1975, the agression against Christians in the south suburbs were all done by fplp and saika: all prosyrians but no sunni lebanese.

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 15:04

most sunni? Are you talking about the sunnis that live in hamra, mazraa, ras beirut, side, ....?

Missing greatpierro 26 May 2013, 15:18

dear josh, what about the explosives taken by samaha from syria to created havoc in lebanon. this is not just wishful thinking. It is a fact that you ignore because your hatred of sunnis is blinding you.

Thumb benzona 26 May 2013, 15:27

And I'll pay them a visit in Holland. They better start learning Serbian, Milosevic wants to speak to them.

Missing weallhumans 26 May 2013, 18:57

expect a war with Israel soon, this whole conflict is growing out of control. Israel will not let HA lay hands on chemical weapons which they might already have. Israel is going to bomb all of Lebanon again including parts of Syria. thank you Nasrallah for protecting Lebanon, now you can take all of our country and give it to Iran and Syria as a gift.

Missing siyeseh 26 May 2013, 20:15

If that had been true password then shiites would not have existed today.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 26 May 2013, 22:19

Dahieh is not Lebanese territory anyway, it's an Iranian colony.

Default-user-icon Sergio Bianchi (Guest) 26 May 2013, 22:59

Hi gauys why don't you give me a break? A couple of 107 mm Grad can not make serious damages. Only a repetition of the civil war, can produce serious damages. Don't you think Lebanon has already paid its price to sectarian clashes?