Meqdad Says Hizbullah Fighters Set to Storm Aleppo

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Syrian Army's Political and Media Coordinator Louay Meqdad revealed on Tuesday that there are currently around 4,000 Hizbullah members fighting alongside the Syrian regime in Aleppo.

The pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat quoted Meqdad as saying that the fighters are deployed in the Academy of Military Engineering near the province of Aleppo.

He pointed out that the fighters are getting ready to storm the province, which the opposition controls more than half of it.

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has promised his fighters will help deliver “victory” in the battle, seen as pivotal in Syria's drawn out civil war in which more than 94,000 people have died.

Syrian rebel chief Salim Idriss warned last week that if Hizbullah fighters do not stop their aggression in Syria within 24 hours, “we will take all measures to hunt” them, “even in hell.”

Hizbullah's men are fighting alongside Syrian government troops in a fierce battle to retake the strategic Syrian town of Qusayr from mostly Sunni rebels.

The party, a close ally of Iran and the Syrian regime, has already lost dozens of its men in the battle for Qusayr.

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Thumb justice 04 June 2013, 09:22

This is how you get rewarded for "sectarian cleansing".... jobs, money, and privileges. Read this article with videoالحر-ينشر-فيديو-لهتافات-طائفية-مقابل-وعود-مالية-بإدلب.html

Thumb justice 04 June 2013, 09:29

Unfortunately Phil: Israel and this terrorist cultish group are one and the same. Do you think HA went into Syria without knowing that it has Israel's blessing?

Missing lebcan 04 June 2013, 15:13

That's what I always say... The Farsi and the Zionest are one and the same...
In 2000 Isreal left most of Lebanon ... In my whole heart belief, it was an agreement between them to give HA a hands up in Lebanese politics so Isreal can rely on HA to rule Lebanon like the bath ruled Syria... Before the Syrian war the Baath party never fired a single shot in the golen...2006 war was a show between HA and Isreal for political support ... Even I fell for it and I gave this HA criminal my support... Fool me only once!!!

Thumb _citizen_ 04 June 2013, 09:37

Hizb of Iran's sectarian objectives represented by "avenging" the death of Husain 1400 years ago takes precedence over what it claims are nationalistic leanings represented by fighting Israel. Let no one be fooled: this is Iran's and HA religious war, and could very well be their last war.

Thumb sophia_angle 04 June 2013, 09:44

'when cooking something slowly it melts good n ready to be eaten..'usa is cooking now in syria on slow heat so both forces melts is simply divide n conquer so irael n co. will rest..

Thumb sophia_angle 04 June 2013, 09:56

i am thinking what time is the best to buy lands in syria nowaday, buy it for cheep now n sleep on it until next phase..

is it not the same of what happened in Lebanon???, let them kill n destroy everything so we come n buy for cheep prices n invest in all means of construction n sell at high prices!

Thumb thepatriot 04 June 2013, 10:02

Eh ya zakieh... so, is it the usa or israel that sent the hezbies to fight over there... pfff...those 2 cents conspiracy theories are for 12 and under!

Thumb phoenician 04 June 2013, 10:47

Well said Phil,
Partition please.

Thumb dasphinx 04 June 2013, 12:04

The Syrians and Hezbollah are in Qusair's Municipality 2 weeks ago. Dakhlkon wein saro?

Thumb dasphinx 04 June 2013, 12:07

Amazing that many of the Hezbollah fighters are dying at the hands of Syrian soldiers before they defect. The reason is simple: the intervention of Hezbollah has sealed the sectarian deal. The Syrian army may mostly have Alaouites as high officers, but most soldiers are Sunnis.

Thumb Senescence 04 June 2013, 17:49

[Citation needed]

Thumb Dimyl452 04 June 2013, 12:07

Hizballla, syrian army, free syrian army, meqdad, tripoli fighters.....all of you fighting i hope you kill each other to the last man!

Kassro ba3edkoun wou khalsouna ba2a! Zbelleh zbelleh...wou lezim yi kansoukoun 3an hal tor2at!

I pity the people, women, men and children that don't want anything to with this and all they want is to live peacefully and die old peacefully! In which part of the civilized world do people still fight like animals and spread so much hatred! 10000 seneh 7ada wou 6000 seneh 7adara...pffff what a disgrace!

Missing -karim_m2 04 June 2013, 12:16

The FSA-Al Qaeda terrorists are getting crushed to pieces.

Thumb thepatriot 04 June 2013, 12:58

qaeda ad hezb can kill each other all they want! We just hope the normal citizens of the FSA (who are a very big majority) prevail!

Thumb lebneneh 04 June 2013, 15:29

FT why are you so stubborn and you just defend Hizb with whatever they do or plan to do? It is bloody clear that they are fighting next to Bashar no matter what. They give their followers excuses and alabies and inch by inch drag them where no one ever imagined they will be.
Do you remember the days when the horizons of Hizb was mazara3 shib3a? Now they want to drag all the Lebanese to their regional war inspired by Iran...well accept it. Not all Lebanese want that!

Thumb ado.australia 04 June 2013, 17:34

By the way the fsa are complaining, they are basically saying Hezbollah is defeating the Syrian rebels single handedly all over Syria! This sectarian war is only beginning... Will Syria be split into 3 sectarian regions? Alawite state in the north, Sunni state and Jabal Druze as senator dick Cheney in visioned in 1997?

Thumb ado.australia 04 June 2013, 17:40

Check out this map of the new middle east. Notice a bigger Lebanon! if Lebanon can get any larger... We can't even control our current republic.

Thumb Bandoul 04 June 2013, 20:46

ado, referencing an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, conspiracy fueled website known for its BS and lame attempts to distort facts to promote the agenda of its founder....people like you never cease to surprise; the length to which you go to promote your liberal point of view. Liberalism is a mental disorder but then again you folks wouldn't have it any other way...

Thumb benzona 04 June 2013, 15:24

The Shiite terrorists are going to slaughter Sunni civilians. May Allah give the innocents the strength to resist the invaders.

Thumb benzona 04 June 2013, 15:52

Hezb Ebola is a trouble magnet.... They bring death to Lebanon and to innocent civilians worldwide.

Thumb Bandoul 04 June 2013, 20:48

QUAGMIRE? You mean the degenerate, totally funny creep on Family Guy? LOL!

Default-user-icon Djopango Fertatsia (Guest) 04 June 2013, 16:36

Welcome harrier to the club of NostraDamsels. Your bros NostraGeha, NostraGabbyMarch14, NostraThePatriot, NostraPeace, NostraAllouchti and last but not least NostraBenzona, all prominent predictors of rises and falls of regimes here, there and everywhere. You are now officially NostraHarrier. Keep those Harrier engines roaring.

Missing gcb1 04 June 2013, 16:40

FT, you're laughing at this? You think this is a laughing situation? You think that the FSA's threats are laughable? That Hezb is showing its military prowess to aide an ailing regime, with little to no benefits to Lebanon? You're laughing at that?

Shame on you.

Thumb ado.australia 04 June 2013, 17:50

The1phoenix... Deja vue in Lebanon? Replace the Palestinian crisis and refugees with Syria and syrian refugees and we have round 2. Who will be left to defend the Lebanese republic?

Jumblatt has already taken his side to best protect his Druze people, Sunnis taking the side of Syrians, and the Shiites feeling that they have their back to the wall.
The only question is the role of the much more weakened christains... They still officially control the army but what does that still mean? good luck ya watan libnan!

Missing ghzayel 05 June 2013, 08:26

thanks to the subversive and dividing role of aoun,frangieh and all the pro assad and 8th of march christians, the christian population in lebanon will remain in the near future reactive, ineffective and unable to play a significant national role.

Default-user-icon Portaggio Quazadil (Guest) 04 June 2013, 18:26

I'm not disappointed at all to learn of another Nostra who's proud of being a... well... umm... duh... prominent failure. Keep them prediction engines roaring. Who knows, perhaps one day one of those predictions might turn out to be correct, alla y3ayeshna.

Default-user-icon True Syrian (Guest) 04 June 2013, 18:38

A message to all the Wahhabi terrorists on this forum:

Go to Qusayr. The Syrian Arab Army is waiting for you over there. Go and die there. Go now.

Thumb bigsami 04 June 2013, 18:53

Shou mustool ya BSthrower. I actually pity you and more importantly your parents.

Missing realist 04 June 2013, 19:01

It is the other way around, a regime that could not crush a revolution with scuds, missiles, MIGs. Chemical weapons, and now running low on man power and asking for Iranian thugs. The world gave your giraffe all the time to 'win' , he lost 60 percent of the country to lightly armed rebels. You make it sound like the people are the ones with heavy weapons And limitless Russian support. Your President will go down the Afghani way, go read some history, Russia killed 1 million Afghani and yet lost the

Missing realist 04 June 2013, 19:05

Hezbollah is the other side of the takfiri coin, they just do a better job hiding their true color(though not anymore,since the last speech) they would kill even reporters who critisize them, you are too naeive

Missing gcb1 04 June 2013, 19:08


What an intellectually stimulating response to my questions.

Missing weallhumans 05 June 2013, 02:25

HA is nothing but filth for the country's education, tourism, economy, security, sovereignty, morals, and independence. like cancer, it is growing and crippling the overall development and prosperity of all Lebanese, even the shia.

Missing phillipo 05 June 2013, 08:24

How about the Lebanese army going the job on the remnant of HA which have remained in Lebanon. How many can there be remaining if 4,000 are in the Aleppo area, and hundreds have already been killed or wounded.

Missing kiserouen 05 June 2013, 18:22

Hezballah is needed everywhere in syria because your stupid worthless army cant fight hahahaha.