Al-Rahi: Political Powers Abandoned Disassociation Policy by Meddling in Affairs of Other Countries

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi lamented on Saturday the practices of the political factions in Lebanon, saying that their actions have “veered away from their national roles.”

He said during a mass at Bkirki: “The political powers are no longer disassociating themselves from regional axes, but they are meddling in the affairs of other countries.”

“Officials are obstructing political life in Lebanon, abusing their power, and crippling constitutional institutions,” he remarked.

Moreover, he accused them of “politicizing ministries and public administrations for sectarian purposes.”

“The factions are meddling in the affairs of other countries, especially Syria, thereby neglecting internal security and stability and rendering the people victims of various violations,” noted al-Rahi.

“The people, who are lost between two rival factions, are wondering about their fate and we will stand by them and cater to their interests,” declared the patriarch.

“We pray that God will send Lebanon worthy officials, who would be capable of rising above petty interests and defend the nation and its people,” he added.

“These officials should succeed in extracting Lebanon out of the abyss and restore its civilized and peaceful role in the region,” he remarked.

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Thumb benzona 15 June 2013, 14:13

«political powers»? Terrorist powers sure.... Unless hezb Ebola's policy is nothing else than ethnic cleansing. marada too is for media support.

Thumb beiruti 15 June 2013, 15:02

Brilliant observation.

Missing ghzayel 15 June 2013, 15:31

great statements from the maronite patriarch pinpointing the serious problems facing the nation, so far so good, but what is needed mostly is a remedial action plan.