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Palestinian official shot dead in Ain Al-Helweh

A Palestinian official has been shot dead Monday in Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Al-Helweh, near the coastal southern city of Sidon, a Fatah official said.

Saeed Alaeddine was an officer in Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas's Fatah movement, in charge of liaising between the group and Lebanese security.

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Shiites in Lebanon mark solemn holy day of Ashoura

Shiite Lebanese marked Tuesday the holy day of Ashoura, one of the most emotional occasions in their religious calendar, commemorating the 7th century martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein.

With power split in Lebanon among the country's religious sects, Ashoura presents an opportunity for Lebanon's Shiites to show force.

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Public sector strike cripples cash-strapped Lebanon

Tarek Younes was once solidly middle class and felt he helped contribute to society as an inspector in the Lebanese government's consumer protection agency. But the country's economic free-fall has eroded his income and civic pride.

In his desperation, Younes has joined tens of thousands of public sector employees across the country in an open-ended strike that has already lasted for six weeks.

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Qatar's emir receives letter from Aoun

Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani has received a letter from President Michel Aoun related to “bilateral ties between the two brotherly countries and means to develop them,” Qatar’s official news agency said.

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Saliba, Khalaf ask govt. about plans to douse 'dangerous' silos fire

MPs Najat Aoun Saliba and Melhem Khalaf on Monday held a press conference in parliament to tackle the issue of the long-running blaze at the blast-hit grain silos of Beirut’s port, which has been burning for around a month.

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Aoun holds back on signing banking secrecy law

President Michel Aoun is holding back on signing the amended banking secrecy law pending answers from the Lebanese team that is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, al-Jadeed TV reported on Monday.

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Bou Saab discusses demarcation file with Qatari ambassador

Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab held talks Monday at his office with Qatari Ambassador to Lebanon Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz al-Sahlawi.

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Razoni grain ship no longer docking in Tripoli

The Sierra Leonian-flagged Razoni ship, carrying 26,000 metric tons of corn for chicken feed that departed from Odesa last Monday will no longer dock in the northern Lebanese port.

According to Marine Traffic, it changed its status on Saturday to "order," meaning the ship was waiting for someone to buy the corn.

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Independent MPs meet over sessions agendas, voting method

Sixteen independent and "change" MPs convened Monday at the Parliament to discuss the Parliamentary sessions' agendas and the method of voting.

The MPs will not discuss the upcoming Presidential election, MP Ashraf Rifi said before the meeting.

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FPM MP says Lebanese will 'cry eyes out' over President Aoun

Free Patriotic Movement MP Salim Aoun said that there was a plan to beat President Michel Aoun since the start of its term as President.

"Only one year after Aoun's election as President, back then Prime Minister Saad Hariri was kidnapped," MP Aoun said. "The aim was to create a strife in Lebanon," he added.

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