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06 October 2022, 14:35 President Aoun: The Lebanese side's remarks to Hochstein's proposal prevent any interpretations that do not conform to Lebanon's framework for the demarcation process.
06 October 2022, 13:42 Sali Hafez and her sister were released after a judge fined them LBP 1 million each and issued a six-month travel ban for them in the BLOM Bank heist case.
06 October 2022, 12:36 Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has rejected Lebanon's amendments to the U.S.-drafted proposal, a senior Israeli official said.
06 October 2022, 12:02 Speaker Nabih Berri has scheduled a presidential election session for next Thursday.
06 October 2022, 11:40 Al-Jadeed: An armed man has stormed Bankmed in Nabatieh.
06 October 2022, 10:38 Mikati from Bkirki: As for the government formation file, I stressed to the patriarch that I'm "the last person who would talk in a sectarian way."