Bahrain's Foreign Minister: Hizbullah Continues to Threaten Our Security

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled Ahmed al-Khalifah stated on Friday that Hizbullah continues to trigger incitement against his country and endangers its security.

“Lebanon is in our hearts. But there is a threat against the Gulf Cooperation Council countries by Hizbullah which is still inciting and threatening the security of Bahrain,” said the Minister in an interview to al-Mustaqbal daily.

“We adhere to the stance we have taken until that party and Iran change their behavior towards us. We hope they would change their conduct. But up until this moment all we hear are words without deeds.”

On the other hand, the Minister hailed the statement made by Prime Minister Tammam Salam during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Istanbul saying: “It confirms the deep relations between the GCC and Lebanon.”

On Monday, the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain published a list of 68 Islamist groups it classified as "terrorist".

Hizbullah, already branded as "terrorist" by the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League, topped the list approved by Bahrain's cabinet.

In March, Bahrain's interior ministry announced the deportation of Lebanese nationals over alleged links to Hizbullah.



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Thumb marcus 15 April 2016, 08:48

Bahrain's Foreign Minister: Hizbullah Continues to Threaten Our Security

it also threatens our security.

Missing humble 15 April 2016, 09:43

Because of them the whole Arab world is boycotting us.

Missing humble 15 April 2016, 09:44

Is it not part of the objective of Ebola of destroying Lebanon???

Thumb nonabel. 15 April 2016, 21:16

Sheikh Khalid Ahmad Alkhalifah looks mighty healthy, perhaps never missing a meal.
Oppressors of their own people and a stellar human rights record fit to rival savages and they are talking about the hizb triggering incitement in his beloved cesspool. Go figure

Thumb justice 15 April 2016, 09:55

lol of course you would say that.

Missing CFTC 15 April 2016, 10:04

@mowaten E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. Still laughing since the day you declared with a straight face you were a shiaa atheist and also a member of hezbollah with only one account. I think i will also continue to laugh at your statement " hezbollah is a résistance ". Thank you Thank you

Missing Rima-Al-Khatib 15 April 2016, 10:18

Which country are you a mowaten of? Iran, Syria, Iraq... Surely, you are not Lebanese.

Missing humble 15 April 2016, 16:31

To be zionist is no longer an insult compared to what you are...."destroyers of Lebanon"!!!