Abiad: Medical Services May Stop without a Solution to Shortage


Head of the Rafk Hariri University Hospital Firass Abiad said on Monday that Lebanon faces a crucial week ahead if the shortage in medical supplies is not resolved.

“Doctors and nurses faced grave dangers as they battled in the frontlines against Covid. Now, they find themselves battling other diseases almost empty handed. That is not acceptable. This week will be crucial. Without a solution to these shortages, many services may stop,” said Abiad on Twitter.

“The Pfizer marathon efforts yesterday, in low registration regions, were commendable, though hopes were for more people to come. Hesitancy is clearly a big obstacle. It is fortuitous that Covid numbers are declining at a time of rising shortages in meds and medical supplies,” he added.

Abiad noted that the vaccination drive in Lebanon must improve.

“The surge in (covid) numbers noted in other countries with better vaccination rates, such as the United Kingdom, should be a warning sign. Unless our vaccine drive improves, the careless attitude widely seen will facilitate a virus comeback,” he warned.

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Thumb i.report 07 June 2021, 14:26

What a Strong Lebanon and a Strong President!