Fahmi Rejects to Give Permission for Abbas Ibrahim's Prosecution


Caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi has rejected to grant the judiciary the permission to prosecute General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim in the port blast probe, judicial sources told LBCI TV on Friday.

According to media reports, Fahmi’s decision is based on a legal review by the Ministry’s legal department.

“The ship Rhosus and its cargo were seized by the judiciary and there was no role or jurisdiction for General Security,” the reports quoted the department as saying.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 09 July 2021, 14:51

Is he not and was he not responsible for the "General' security of the people and country? They all are corrupt and became multi millionaires through abuse of power.

Thumb EagleDawn 09 July 2021, 15:15

A close to a nuclear explosion that destroyed half the capital but the head of the 'General Security' is immune from prosecution!:))

Thumb i.report 09 July 2021, 15:59

According to Fahmi, 95% of magistrates are corrupt, but he failed to mention that 100% of politicians also are!

Default-user-icon ChristianLebanese (Guest) 09 July 2021, 17:26

Everyone is opening a mini country on his own and is taking the law into his own hands, and Fahmeh is but an example of that. What a poor country Lebanon has turned into, thanks to the superman president we have who promised a strong return to the state and its apparatus. We ended up with Aoun losing what's left of the state which turned into a complete anarchy and a failed country. I really blame sectarianism for this, and mainly blame the Maronites for destroying a country that could have been great had it not been based on which religion do one pertain to to become something. Is this what Jesus came for and crucified to save us? Some times I fail to understand Christianity of whom I am a devout believer in. The Christian actions of Lebanon come from the Devil and not from Jesus. They are hypocrites in their churches while their hearts are full of evil spirits.

Default-user-icon Pato (Guest) 12 July 2021, 16:02

I concur, Christians on paper only