Reports: Hizbullah Commander, Several Fighters Killed in Homs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Hizbullah commander and several fighters have been killed inside Syria, a Lebanese security official told the Associated Press on Tuesday, a development that could stoke already soaring tensions over an alleged role for the Lebanese group in the civil war next door.

Hizbullah has stood by Syrian President Bashar Assad since the uprising began 18 months ago, even after the group supported revolts in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain. The group says it is backing the Syrian regime because of its support for the anti-Israel resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine and because it is willing to implement political reforms.

Assad's fall would be a dire scenario for Hizbullah. Any new regime led by Syria's majority Sunni Muslims would likely be far less friendly — or even outright hostile — to Shiite Muslim Hizbullah. Iran remains the group's most important patron, but Syria is a crucial supply route. Without it, Hizbullah will struggle to get money and weapons as easily.

The Syrian uprising has left Assad deeply isolated — making his remaining allies such as Iran and Russia all the more important. At last week's gathering of world leaders at the United Nations, dozens of nations excoriated the Assad regime for its role in a conflict that activists estimate has killed at least 30,000 Syrians.

It was not immediately clear how the alleged Hizbullah militants were killed or whether they had been fighting alongside the Syrian army. But Hizbullah's newspaper al-Intiqad said Hizbullah commander Ali Hussein Nassif, who is also known as Abu Abbas, was killed "while performing his jihadi duties." It did not say when or where he was killed.

A Lebanese security official told AP Nassif was killed in Syria and his body was returned to Lebanon through the Masnaa border crossing on Sunday. Speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the official said the bodies of several other Hizbullah fighters have been brought back to Lebanon in recent days.

Hizbullah spokesman Ibrahim al-Moussawi on Tuesday confirmed the deaths of the Hizbullah members but said he had no further information on where or how Nassif was killed. He declined further comment.

The Syrian opposition has long accused the group of helping the Syrian leadership crack down on the uprising — a claim the group has repeatedly denied.

Nassif's funeral, which was held in the eastern town of Budai, near Baalbek, was attended by top Hizbullah officials including the head of the Sharia council and the political bureau, an indication of Nassif's high prestige, according to AP.

On Tuesday, Hizbullah's al-Manar TV showed the funerals of at least two other Hizbullah members it said were killed while performing their "jihadi duty." Both funerals were attended by Hizbullah officials and commanders.

The coffins of the dead were draped with Hizbullah's yellow flags and carried by militants in black uniforms and red berets. Hundreds of people marched in the funeral.

Samer al-Homsi, an activist in Syria's central Homs province, which borders Lebanon, said Nassif was killed Saturday when a roadside bomb went off as the car he was in passed just outside the town of Qusayr. He said Nassif and several other people were killed in the blast.

"His job was to coordinate with Syrian security agencies," al-Homsi told AP via Skype.

He added that the rebels detonated the bomb "without knowing" that the target was a Hizbullah official. "We knew he was a Hizbullah official after it was announced by the group in Lebanon," he said. Al-Homsi's account could not be independently verified.

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Thumb bigsami 02 October 2012, 21:59

Good riddance! So for all you HA butt-kissing followers who STILL think HA is here as a 'resistance' to save you from Israel......WAKE UP! They will bring down our country with them and not give a damn about you, your children or anyone! How many more headlines must your read to learn that they are a simply a branch of Iran's republican guards put in Lebanon as a missile launch pad pointing at Israel. Mishmakoul how brainwashed/naive a few can be!

Thumb bigsami 02 October 2012, 22:25

To vote DOWN only shows you commend/approve/worship evil! To support groups like Assad/HA who torture/murder/butcher children, woman and fellow humans only reflect on how demented you are! May God have mercy on your empty souls!

Thumb joesikemrex 03 October 2012, 03:04

most likely voted down by fake propaganda account...

Thumb geha 03 October 2012, 05:46

and there shall be light :)
how much more lies will be uncovered? hizbushaitn says something and does the opposite as usual, and their die hard followers refuse to see the light!
I am talking now to fpmers: why do you still follow liars?

Default-user-icon disgusted... (Guest) 03 October 2012, 07:21

I second the motion... Good riddance for sure...

Thumb benzona 04 October 2012, 02:34

the worst in this story is that Khaled Mechaal's terrorist group is actually a better person than our irani nasrallah... something i could have imagined a few years ago. We now have the proof that HA's agenda is #1 it's own survival #2 Tehran's proxy.... nothing about Jerusalem or Lebanon for that matter.

Missing samiam 02 October 2012, 22:19

So much for them not being involved. It seems that every word that HA officials speak these days is a lie.

Good riddance to the so called resistance--it is nothing more than a bunch of mercenaries for Iran.

Thumb bigsami 02 October 2012, 22:30

Filthy evil militia....and all those who worship them! Your selling out your country like conditioned fools!

Missing samiam 02 October 2012, 22:56

"On Tuesday, Hizbullah's al-Manar TV showed the funerals of at least two other Hizbullah members it said were killed while performing their "jihadi duty." Both funerals were attended by Hizbullah officials and commanders."

So what was their 'jihadist duty' then? I don't think it was smuggling, drug running, or extortion. As a mercenary for Iran, it could be pushed for propaganda's sake to say that.

Missing gabby5 02 October 2012, 22:56

Go FSA.....Kill more Hezz every chance you get!!! The Hezz were never a "Lebanese Resistance". They are terrorist thugs. Kill all of them you can!!!

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:09

wow gabby..the FSA salafis will be heading to your home soon to cut your head off because you're christian...but you're cheering them! very nice

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:34

sal, you and kaka faga are one and the same...aren't you ya idiot?

Default-user-icon Legion (Guest) 02 October 2012, 23:11

Oh, but I suppose Hizb-al-Faqih were there only in their capacity as distributors of humanitarian aid, isn't it? Back in the late '80s, in Da7yeh, Hizb used to actually go around bringing boxes of sugar, pasta, powdered milk, rice, and so on to the people whose neighbourhoods they would run over. Much has changed and become rotten in the state of Hizb since then. Ya 7asan, what new lows of human existence are you going to be sounding next? Ma byikfé wassakhit îsm el shi3a killon, halla el Libnéniyyé killon baddak tsawwid wijjon? La2inno hiyyé héké: INTA el zillé.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 02 October 2012, 23:50

that is extremely dangerous:if it's an open war between hizb and FSA ..where the battlefield will be??

Missing youssefhaddad 03 October 2012, 00:05

The only people who could stop this are the Shias or they will see themselves dragged more and more into isolation and distress.

Thumb phoenician 03 October 2012, 00:16

Hizb is a cult lead by an inadequate recluse despot and guess what the retard was voted in by the majority of the shiite community, SAY NO MORE.

Thumb beiruti 03 October 2012, 00:25

Hezbollah should send more such commanders into Syria. The Syrian Revolution is a gift to Lebanon that seems to keep giving.

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:17

I agree, hopefully they'll finish off all the paid Wahhabi mercenaries of Saudi Arabia and Saad el Hariri

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:36

sal, ya AHBAL....go get a Iran i hope...

Thumb makhaleh 03 October 2012, 01:26

guys guys guys please HA is only helping the syrian regime with tactics and strategy......ya right btw im surprised guys no FT and other idiots commenting on this. i guess they cant say its a wahabi propaganda this time bunch of retarded HA thug supporters

Default-user-icon rudy (Guest) 03 October 2012, 10:46

they're still at school

Thumb thepatriot 03 October 2012, 02:02

Waynak ya mowaten!? Are you still in denial?? Hehehehehehe....

Thumb joesikemrex 03 October 2012, 08:03

Missing in action, performing his jihadist propaganda

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 03 October 2012, 02:13

Let me guess, another pilgrim, good freaking riddance, hopefully Aoun will be next.

Missing baybars 03 October 2012, 02:39

A crystal clear violation of Lebanese sovereignty, a local militant group exporting TERRORISM to Syria, in clear violations of International Laws and with total disregard for the Lebanese authorities. Shame Lebanon! Rid yourself of the devil that has possessed your being!

Missing gabby5 03 October 2012, 03:34

So the people of Lebanon who get screwed by Hizbcocaine and have to pay electricity welfare for them to be a "resistance", now have to get screwed for them to be an international terror army.

Missing realist 03 October 2012, 03:52

Hitler brought destruction upon Germany, and Nasralah/iran will bring destruction upon the she3as of lebanon who live in his fantasies. Israel is a joke compared to the wider fundamentalist suni - she3a war. It is imperative on the she3a community to start condeming the hizbustan/iran operations in Syria to save lebanon and whatever will remain of the lebanese fabric. At this rate and with such lunatic behavior also given the inaction of the world community, the crazy jihadis of Syria are gona be in lebanon sooner or later, a matter of time.

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:07

there is no difference between hardliners no matter what sect they belong to. Shia extremists are no worse than Sunni extremists or any other type. Your bias is clear, when you're OK with Salafis becoming the representatives of the Sunnis in Lebanon, but are enraged at Hezbollah. They both have jihadist mentalities, they can't rest until they're dead. They love to kill. It's in their blood.

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:38

sal, like bugs bunny once said...OH SHUT UP....loser...

Missing realist 04 October 2012, 08:24

dude, im not okay with any extremism, the killing of hariri was the turning point and the single most expensive mistake that was done by HA. HA's arrogance and empty defiance will lead lebanon to destruction. HA is doing all it can to give birth to Suni extremism. Again, there is no MASLA7A for the she3a community to pay for the price of iran's crazy agenda.

Default-user-icon Emmanuel (Guest) 03 October 2012, 03:55

really??? so all you "geniuses" are going to ignore all the money, weapons and dirty faced al qedia fucks hariri and his child-molesting Saudi leaders are sending into Syria?? All of you "knowledgeable", "liberal" people are going to ignore those facts??? its a good thing you guys are the minority

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:39

Did some Saudi do you and you litlle sister? just asking...

Missing maroon40 03 October 2012, 05:24

Guys! It is simple. Hizballah takes orders from Iran and executes them according to their masters wishes. They are nothing more than Iranian puppets.

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:24

and your pawn Hariri and his FSA buddies take orders from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and US and execute them. Same Same

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:42

sal, or whatever ur name are probably a little wimp that is sacred to death of Sunnis....come to daddy I will comfort you ;)

Thumb thepatriot 04 October 2012, 10:24

salafi... do you realise how stupid and childish your posts are...?

Default-user-icon اشةشيش (Guest) 03 October 2012, 06:01

هيدا حكي هيدا كلام

Thumb kanaandian 03 October 2012, 06:06

They fighting for their Mahdi, not Lebanon.

Thumb shab 03 October 2012, 09:54

"jihadi duties" is well known. Killing as many Sunnis in revenge for their Hussein. Nothing new. They will be buried as martyrs, meaning unwashed and buried in the clothes they died in. Filthy militia.

Missing simonvegas 03 October 2012, 10:21

They want heaven ,and any thing else does not matter you, me, or lebanon other thoughts,will never matter for them .WHY not they just forget about the past and let us make the Lebanon

God bless lebanon

Missing shark15 03 October 2012, 10:24

What a brave man killing women and children in Syria in the name of God and Jihad,what a joke..

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:18

the only people killing women and children in Syrian in the name of God and Jihad are those paid mercenaries of NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar whom you support

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:42

sl, come get it...

Default-user-icon TK (Guest) 03 October 2012, 10:31

HA & Iran have been playing with fire (the west) for many years and have not realized they will never have the right tools to extinguish such fire. Their day will come, but sadly on that day, because of them, many many innocent Lebanese will be harmed. May God be with us all. God bless Lebanon.

Missing maroun 03 October 2012, 10:38

the end is near for the Hizb and there master in syria

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:21

that will happen as soon as Geagea, Hariri, and al Qaeda are wiped clean from the Levant

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:43

sal, do you want some hard candy? ya noussak...

Default-user-icon Jack (Guest) 03 October 2012, 10:38

May he rot in hell!

Default-user-icon Ben Dou (Guest) 03 October 2012, 10:52

Rest in peace our heroes.

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:43

rest on your head idiot

Default-user-icon Hero Darat Thirty (Guest) 18 March 2013, 17:51

Common typo replacing the z with an h, no worry we know what you meant Ben Doudou

Thumb jabal10452 03 October 2012, 10:59

How quickly the tables are turning. Hezbollah has played the wrong cards and missed a golden opportunity to secure its long-term viability. This might be the Nasrallah's fatal move. Maybe not in the short term, but strategically speaking.

Missing damascus79 03 October 2012, 11:12

When we told the world a year and a half ago that Hezbollah is on the ground fighting in Syria alongside Bashar's shabi7a they all mocked us and called us Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya conspiracists. I hope that you all now know the truth. This is a war between Free Syrians and Iranian stooges.

Thumb shab 03 October 2012, 11:28

This is actually good news. The filthy militia will be dishonoured and FSA will receive more money and weapons.

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:12

the FSA are no better than Hezbollah. When did al Qaeda become something to look forward to? It's insane!

Thumb thepatriot 04 October 2012, 10:27

Nope! You're insane! I am M14, and I have nothing to do with Saudis, and even less al Qaeda. This is ridiculous propaganda trying to ternish the immage of the independants and the FREE!

Missing mohamedrifahi 03 October 2012, 12:34

إلى جهنم وبئس المصير .... يا حزب الشيطان آتيناكم إلى عقر داركم بعد أن نذبح طاغية الشام .......بإذن الله ستدفعون غاليا ثمن الدماء التي سفكتوها والنساء التي اغتصبتوها.كله موثق عند مجاهدينا ..وتلك الأيام نداولها بين الناس ،، وسنرى من يضحك أخيراً
مجاهد من بلاد الشام

Default-user-icon Tonus (Guest) 03 October 2012, 14:14

LF ,Orangies, Mustaqbal... are only national political parties ..HA is Allah party which is invincible by any human they are supernatural sent by GOD to earth maybe angels or something un-understandable by human being. Pls try to understand the fact guys.

Missing lebanese_uae 03 October 2012, 13:50

They are just clever and strong enough to prevent weapons to go to the FSA.
they control the border to only 1 direction, but allow all others.
no problem for HA military and weapons to go both ways.
no problem for bombs to be sent to lebanon by Smaha el zift.
Imagine that they were caught alive !!!!!!!

Missing lebanese_uae 03 October 2012, 13:53

if those pilgrims where caught alive, what do you think they will do with airport road !??
i think what happened is just better !!!

Default-user-icon mehdi Jebaoui (Guest) 03 October 2012, 16:39

Hell is waiting for them these killers

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:14

the Future Movement is sending Salafis from Tripoli to fight against a sovereign government... where is your outrage about that?

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:33

sal, shut the hell up loser....slay this you MF...

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:16

as long as Sunni Salafi extremists go from Lebanon to fight against the sovereign government of Syria, Hezbollah is allowed to go kill those same mercenaries that are using terrorism to kill civilians and military alike inside Syria

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:35

sal, you are boring us..salafi this and salafi that...very boring indeed...

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:19

no killing of women and children but rather of al qaeda terrorists whom you and your March 14 buddies support

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:44

sal, kaka the faga, same style...boring