Netanyahu Says Arab World will be 'Relieved' by Strike on Iran

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Arab world will be "relieved" if Israel strikes at Iranian nuclear installations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview published Wednesday by France's Paris-Match weekly.

He said in case of an attack, "five minutes later, contrary to what skeptics think, I believe there will be a great feeling of relief throughout the region," said Netanyahu, who on Wednesday began a key two-day visit to France.

"Iran is not popular in the Arab world, far from it," he said in comments reported in French.

"And some neighboring regimes and their citizens have well understood that a nuclear-armed Iran is a danger for them, not only for Israel," he said, without mentioning specific nations.

Netanyahu has warned that a nuclear Iran would pose an existential threat to the Jewish state and has repeatedly refused to rule out military action, fueling speculation that an attack was imminent.

But he then appeared to pull back, pushing the deadline until spring or even summer 2013, ostensibly to allow time for international sanctions to work.

Iran denies Israeli and Western suspicions that its nuclear program is a front for a drive for a weapons capability.

Netanyahu also said economic sanctions aimed at forcing Tehran to abandon its nuclear arms program were biting "but have not impacted on the nuclear program in any way," adding: "How do we know this? Because the regime is organizing tourist visits to its centrifuges."

He said he would discuss "concrete ways of stepping up sanctions against Iran," in his first face-to-face talks with President Francois Hollande.

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Thumb jcamerican 31 October 2012, 18:15

I think all the arabs should support Israel to strike Iran. After that, the Israelis can slap the rest of them silly when it is done with Iran.

Missing greatpierro 01 November 2012, 06:25

Israel has demonstrated that it can establish peaceful relationships with Arab countries: Egypt, Jordan. It tried to sigh a peace deal with Lebanon in 1983 but the Syrian did not allow the Lebanese to ratify this deal.

Missing phillipo 01 November 2012, 07:04

You can only make peace with your enemies. He who wants peace will find it. The refusal of Lebanon and the Palestinians to sit down and talk to the Israelis only pushes back the day when peace will reign in the Middle East.
Can someone tell me what has been the reason that for the past 29 years no government in Lebanon has offered to talk peace with Israel. The Lebanese have found that in the peace talks with Jordan and Egypt compromises were reach, so why not with Lebanon.
What are they afraid of?

Missing lebanesed 01 November 2012, 16:02

Lol at greatpierro and phillippo. Israel which was established by ethnic cleansing doesnt know what peace is. It treats both egypt and jordan as a garbage dump and does what it wants with those countries. The PA has done everything to make peace with the zionists yet it only got them more settlements, checkpoints and opression. So who are you trying to fool? Stop hijacking the word peace as its the opposite of what israel is and what it has done and is doing. No peace will ever be made with the children of satan. Israel will be defeated by a muslim army despite all your objections and lies.

Thumb Elemental 31 October 2012, 21:20

Let them fight it amongst themselves...Leave Lebanon ALONE, both of Iran and Israel and it's this petty blabbering that's gotten absolutely nowhere, been there done that, nobody cares about Netanyahu and his retarded Wiley Coyote bomb he used at the UN. And Iran can blabber all they want about wiping Israel off the map and all that other hippie crap, just don't get Lebanon involved in both of your childish nonsense. Nobody want's war, only some right wing nuts on either side, so put them in a ring and let them fight amongst themselves....idiots

Missing greatpierro 01 November 2012, 06:31

Do you think that Iran will wage war on Israel? Iran is making all this noise to keep their tyrannic Islamic Revolution alive. They need an enemy to justify all the money spent on weapons. These weapons will either directed on the Iranian people if they try to ask for a democratic regime or to destabilize arab countries.

The tyrannic Syrian regime is a very good example. The Assads have only used their weapons to subdue the Lebanese, the kurds, the palestinians, and last but not least to fight their own people.

Default-user-icon joel (Guest) 18 November 2012, 09:52

The world needs more USA AND other greatst countries to bring peace ..not only isreal..i suport isreal ..